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My client and I have been working together for 2 months to get her ready for her trip to Greece. We started working out twice a week and then for the 2nd month we increased it to 3 times per week. In 2 months she has lost 30.2 lbs, 4.7% body fat, 14.5 inches and her BMI has gone down by 5. OUTSTANDING RESULTS!!!! Dedication and proper nutrition are what made this happen. I can’t wait to share the before and after photo.



My client is a superstar! In 1 month she has lost 12 lbs, 4.3% body fat and 9.25 total inches. We have been training twice a week and will be increasing to 3 times a week for the next month so she can gear up for her trip to Greece. She has been on point with her nutrition and gives me 100% every session which is clearly working based on these results. We have also introduced boxing in her workouts which she loves (who doesn’t love punching and kicking their trainer?!)


I have known Angela for quite some time.  She started as a friend but when she decided to make a commitment to her fitness routine she contacted me to assist.  I was very excited to help her but also a little nervous because when you’re already friends with someone there is added pressure.  Will my programs be successful?  Will she enjoy the workouts?  A lot of questions crossed my mind before starting our sessions but once we did I was reassured that this was a right fit.
Angela really wanted to focus on kickboxing for her training.  She had done some of this kind of training at her gym but wanted to add more to her workout routine.  Since I run MMA classes in our town she sought me out to have her training sessions centred around this style of training.  MMA or kickboxing really proves to be a sure way to lose weight because of the many components involved with the sport.  You get a crazy amount of toning because you’re actually hitting an object and it’s a great cardio workout.
Here is her story.
My weight loss journey started in February 2014. My youngest daughter was just over 2 years old and I was still carrying some baby weight. I weighed 156lbs and each week the number would climb. I felt tired and I didn’t feel good about myself. I decided to join a local gym. After going to the gym on-and-off for a year I lost a total of 8lbs. My problem was that after 5 months I stopped making progress and I had not yet achieved my goal.


In mid-April 2015 I weighed 148lbs and was still struggling to lose the last 10 pounds. I contacted Alexis Talledes of Fizzique. We discussed my goals, my diet and my routine. I committed to 10 weeks of personal training with Alexis. Each week she brought something different to my workout; strength training, MMA and TRX. Within that 10 weeks I reached my goal weight of 137lbs and noticed a significant change in my physique. Alexis kept me focused on the task, and designed training that I actually enjoyed. Alexis’ enthusiasm and knowledge, as well as her ability to motivate allowed me to achieve goals that I was unable to on my own.



We completed 1 set of 10 sessions and are onto our next set of 10.  I ensured to take her measurements at this point and before and after photos and here is were she is today.


Our next focus is to strengthen her core so we have been utilizing the TRX system quite a bit in our sessions.  This piece of equipment is amazing because it’s so portable and really enhances every single exercise ensuring your body gets a killer workout.  We still incorporate the kickboxing combinations as it really drives her heart rate up and will keep her working towards her goals.

This is one client that walks the walks and talks the talk when it comes to her fitness goals.  Nothing will get in her way of her success.  This is someone that all women struggling with their goals should aspire to be like.

Shantelle is the owner of MsFit Designs and is extremely busy filling orders into the wee hours of the night.  Between that and juggling 2 kids she still finds time for herself.  Shantelle joined our Mission:Slimpossible challenge back in January  and lost 3 lbs, 2.5% body fat and 6.75 total inches!  She has participated on and off in our classes for the past 2 years. Here is her story:

I am a busy mother or two, a wife and business owner and for many years I put the needs of my family and business before myself. It all started two years ago when I decided I needed a change a big change. I still had 40 pounds of baby weight to lose, was super tired all the time and just really unhappy with myself. Over the years I have tried the gym, local classes around town, yoga, you name it I’ve tried it and nothing was working. I found Alexis on Facebook and decided to give her classes a try. Two years later and I have lost over 20 pounds and feel amazing! I think her classes are great, they are always challenging, fun and full of such great women. I was also very happy with how Alexis was super informative and helpful whenever you had a question.

This year I decided to try the Slimpossible challenge and I have been unbelievably happy with the results and the meal plan. The meals where super tasty, easy to prepare and of course really healthy.
I am definetly one happy customer! Thanks Alexis for bringing my sexy back 🙂


Isabel joined the Mission:Slimpossible challenge and was eager to get started.  She was committed to attending 3 nights a week as often as she could and emailed me whenever she had a question or wanted to know what more she could do to see results.  I loved receiving her emails and finding out that her kids were getting in on the at home workouts and holding her accountable as well. People like Isabel are why I love what I do.  Doesn’t make excuses and keeps reminding herself that it takes time to see results.  She knows quick fixes don’t work and true weight loss takes time.  Congratulations Isabel on your success with the program and I look forward to seeing you in the next session.  Isabel lost 5 inches, 4.6 lbs and 3.5% body fat.
Here’s Isabel’s story.
I am a mother of 3 and i have struggled with my weight for the last 6 years. My youngest are only a year and a half apart. I had no time in between to lose any weight from my second pregnancy and after my third I had what felt like 3x the extra weight that I had before even having any kids. Everything I have tried has only been temporary.  The most effective way I was loosing any weight was going to the gym, but that didn’t last long. There was no motivation to go. Sometimes i was hearing myself say I can always go tomorrow and then it turned into a week and a week into a month. With such a busy life I gave up going to the gym and the pounds came back. Taking the kids from soccer to karate to swimming I had no time for myself so I would sometimes skip meals or eat late or eat on the go. I got to the point where I had to make a choice; make the change for the better for myself or keep going downhill and feel miserable.
I saw all the great reviews online for Alexis’ bootcamp and decided to give it a try. Why not? What did I have to loose? A couple of pounds is better than nothing. I had to start somewhere. I did the slimpossible challenge with the meal plan and loved it!! I lost pounds, lost inches and felt great about myself. I felt motivated all the time. Every class is different. My favourite was the kickboxing. I made myself accountable to go and met a great group of ladies. The meal plan is simple and easy to do.
I also have Alexis’ workout DVD which I use 3x a week. The 10 minute workouts are awesome and help me to keep the weight off.
This has been a great experience and I can’t wait to start another session.

This is Shannon.  She participated in our January Mission:Slimpossible Challenge with the intent of losing weight the right way. No more fad diets and dropping weight quickly only to put it back on and then some.  This is her before wearing a baggy t-shirt because she wanted to cover up.  During the 17 week session she held herself accountable by checking in with me via email on a weekly basis and asking questions to both Melissa Seguin (who provided the meal plan) and I.  Shannon was the model participant and why Melissa and I got into our fields….to help people achieve their personal best.





Look at how amazing Shannon looks after our 17 week session.  She lost weight in a healthy way and feels a lot more comfortable with her body.  Notice the more fitted t-shirt.She lost 10.75 total inches, lost 16.4 lbs and lost 3.5% body fat!





Congratulations on your success and keep up the amazing work!
To read more about Shannon’s weight loss journey click here and download our FREE digital magazine.

Bigger and better than ever, and now with a variety of options to suit your needs and schedule.  Our full evening summer schedule is now available. Indoor & Outdoor Kick & HIIT and Tough Chix MMA will be running for July and August.

Take advantage of the Fizzique Fit Pass which allows you to attend any class for the entire month for only $100! That is a savings of $70.00 and works out to be $6.25/class if you were to attend every class each week.

It’s always a great group of positive women motivating each other in every class.Our classes are results driven! Our classes are motivating! Our classes are for everyone!


Say what?  How could eating more food possibly make me LOSE weight?  Simple.  By eating more frequently throughout the day you will stabilize your blood sugar levels and your cravings.  You will be less likely to binge eat since this method doesn’t allow your body starve.  Eating whole, nutritious meals and snacks will provide you with a ton of energy to last throughout the day without having to result to caffeine to keep you alert.

Eating less frequently throughout the day will actually sabotage your plan to lose weight.  You’ll feel more sluggish, more hungry and look for the first thing in sight that you don’t have to prepare to munch on.

Here are some tips to try and get more food into your day:

  • Fruits are easy to grab so have these on hand.  If they’re berries, pre-wash and store them in your fridge or freeze them for smoothies so they are easily accessible.
  • pre-wash and cut all of your veggies and place them in resealable bags or containers so you can have a quick snack….perhaps with some homemade hummus?
  • Prepare your meals in advance.  We know how easy it is to pop in a frozen pizza or make chicken strips and fries but if you’re looking for a really nutritious Meal packed full of protein and veggies (with some low GI carbs) package everything into containers or rsealable bags and freeze. When you’re ready to eat take them out the day before and place them in the fridge so you have them ready for the next day’s meals. And make sure to measure out your portions in advance as well.
  • Have some homemade snacks on hand to take with you when you’re in a rush. Try making your own granola bars or trail mix.  Nuts and grapes are easy to grab too. 
  • Try to include a protein in every meal. This will help to keep you fuller longer so you don’t get those small cravings and grab a non-nutritious snack. 
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water with your meals. This will prevent you from over eating and maintain your hydration levels. If you grow tired of water dress it up by making infused water.  Berries, citrus fruit or cucumber are great ways to keep water interesting. And don’t forget, tea is a great way to get your water as well. Stick to rooibos or herbal as they don’t contain any caffeine. 

Now that you’ve got the knowledge to start a successful weight loss program, be proactive.  Start making small changes and keep adding more. You’ll see big results just by changing your diet.  Remeber, successful weight loss is attributed to 80% diet and 20% of exercise. 

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Think about this.  Your body has been going through a lot of changes in the past 9 months.  Some that are beautiful and some that are not as pleasant.  You grow, get back pain, throw up every day for the entire pregnancy, kicked in the ribs and pelvis, the urge to pee as soon as you stand up, can’t find a comfortable position when sleeping, etc, etc.  The list goes on.  And then boom, you’re in labour.  Contractions, water breaking, extreme pain (that is not comparable to anything we deal with on a regular basis) and if complications arise perhaps some form of medical intervention.  Once all of that is done you have this beautiful baby in your arms  that ends up becoming your entire world.  You are now responsible for raising a human being.  It is the most selfless role you will encounter while you are on this planet and everything you do from here on is for them.

So why are women so obsessed with getting their pre-baby body back so quickly after giving birth?  I expect for reasons like this.  Stories that show us that a celebrity or super model was back in their size 0 clothing 2 months after giving birth (or sometimes less).  Of course we want to feel good about ourselves again because we’re covered in poop, pee and spit-up for a good portion of our day but there are less strenuous ways to feel good about yourself post-baby that don’t involve heading to a gym for 3 hours every day (like getting your nails or hair done, reading a book, sitting in silence enjoying a cup of tea, etc). For most of us this isn’t realistic.  We don’t have that luxury.  And even if we did, wouldn’t you want to spend as much time with your child as possible instead of paying a nanny to watch your child just so you can spend hours in a gym to lose your weight as quickly as possible? Weight loss should not be done quickly.  It is a process and when done correctly, will take time.  You need patience and organization skills.  There are ways to fit it in multiple times a day without having to be out of the house for 3 hours at a time.  Do any body weight exercise like squats or push-ups (perhaps utilizing the stairs to modify) while your child is napping.  And then perhaps join a fitness class at night when your spouse is home so you can get out and socialize with adults.  Your sanity is valuable too.

Now, you’re probably asking, so when can I start a workout routine?   I advise my clients to wait until 6 weeks post delivery to ensure they have had their checkup with their doctor.  Always go by what our doctor says.  As a fitness professional I need to ensure my clients are safe.  You don’t want to pop a stitch, promote excessive bleeding or start doing something strenuous that your body isn’t used to which could cause more harm.  Walking is a normal human motion so that is ok to do while you wait to see your doctor but lifting weights or completing a crazy cardio circuit would help you get your body back quicker.  If something were to happen you would be told to wait until you’re healed which would actually prolong the time it could’ve taken you to start a real fitness program.  Don’t jump in right away.  Take it easy the first couple of weeks back to ensure you don’t overdo it.  Also, keep in mind, if you don’t see results right away don’t get discouraged.  It took 9 months for your body to change (hormones, body shape, etc) so don’t expect a quick weight loss 2 months after you’ve had your baby.  Normal weight loss is about 2 lbs/week so if you’re losing more than that chances are you aren’t creating a habit and just want to see results quickly.  Change your mind frame because you’re only going to set yourself up for failure and yo-yo dieting (when you go up and down in weight trying new diets).  Every body is different and every women’s body changes in a different way post-baby.  Don’t get discouraged if your friend is losing weight faster than you.  Embrace what you were given and work with it.  Don’t fight your body to get to a certain point. It’ll all happen on it’s own when your body is ready. Check your measurements at specific times (perhaps every 8 weeks) and don’t get obsessed with the scale.  Weighing yourself everyday could result in a negative body image.  Have a phenomenal support system and surround yourself with awesome encouraging friends and family.  Gain the confidence to tell the doubters you don’t have time for their unsupportive attitude.

If you find after a while (and I mean 6-9 months) you’re struggling, seek the help of a professional for both your meal planning and workout routines.  Don’t try and get some free program off of Pinterest because chances are it was not posted by a trained professional, nor is it specific to post-natal fitness.  It takes a lot of planning to create a program for you as an individual and not 1 type of workout will work for everyone.  I for one always offer modifications in my classes which is tweaking the workout for that individual.  Take pride in your body because you only have one.


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