• Seeing photos of your friends’ dinners they just made.- Wow, you’re eating? That’s awesome. (if they’re a chef it’s a different story). Promoting a meal at a local café or restaurant that you want to plug is always amazing.
  • Business owners posting about rude clients.- Do you actually think this is going to win you more business? Instead of posting something negative, turn it into a positive by explaining why your service differs from others.
  • Taking to social media and ranting about a friend/acquaintance that just ticked you off and saying that they’re childish.–  Really? As if posting about it makes you more of an adult. If you’re an adult, treat the situation like an adult and deal with it head on instead of looking for your circle of friends’ validation and comments to make you feel better. If the issue is small, why even worry about it? Brush it off and move on. If the person doesn’t enhance who you are then who cares. Surround yourself with intelligent, good people who have the same values as you.
  • Seeing posts that are vague to make you ask the person what’s wrong. – This is just a cry for attention. If you’re having a bad day, call up/text your closest friends and vent. After all, those are the people that matter most.
  • Comment wars – Refer to the 3rd This is also called bullying which, let’s be honest, should never happen. Most of us went through this in high school over ICQ and MSN Messenger, why does it need to continue into adulthood? Are we not busy enough with jobs and families?
  • Half naked selfies.- Being in the fitness industry I follow a lot of professionals and notice some post these types of selfies on a regular basis. It’s awesome they have worked so hard for their body but you don’t need to flaunt it on social media. It doesn’t come off as motivating after the 10th
  • Unflattering selfies or low resolution photos to promote your business. – If you’re serious about your business take the time to get your photos done professionally.  You’ll hold more credibility when it comes to new clients seeking your services.
  • Posting about how many likes your business page has. – I’m going to let you in a social media secret.  It doesn’t matter how many likes your page has.  If those ‘likes’ aren’t engaging with your posts then they aren’t seeing what you have to offer them.  Top social media guru’s will all tell you the same thing.  Whether you have 200 or 1000 people that like your page if all 200 people are commenting, liking and sharing your posts that ranks higher then if 200 people are commenting, liking and sharing on the page that has 1000 likes.

Do you agree with these?  Which other points would you add?