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SUP or Stand Up Paddleboarding has become very popular within the last couple of years.  If you haven’t heard of this sport it combines surfing and kayaking/canoeing ti give you a full body workout.  Some people have even taken it a step further and starting doing yoga on the boards.  Talk about core control.

Toronto has a growing community for SUP.  There are a lot of classes in the beaches to learn how to SUP and if you’re feeling brave, yoga classes too.  If you’re in cottage country you would find a lot of people on the water taking part in this sport.

If you love the water and a challenge you will love SUP.  Try something new this summer!


Ultimate Summer Bootcamp

Fizzique Ultimate Summer Bootcamp 416-737-5208
New prices will begin at the next session.

Get trained by the most qualified trainer in Stouffville. Alexis attended George Brown College and graduated with a diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management where she learned how to train multiple types of populations which include but are not limited to pre/post natal, cardiac patients, older adults, athletes and treatment of injuries. She annually upgrades her certifications so she is current with fitness industry trends and is certified through CSEP which can only be obtained by having an education in health sciences. It is the most prestigious certification in Canada and what sets her apart from recreational trainers. She also is certified with First Aid and CPR.

Happy belated Canada Day!  I hope everyone had a great long weekend and enjoyed the sunshine with family and friends.  I spent my Saturday promoting Fizzique at the 29th annual Strawberry Festival in Stouffville, Ontario and have to say it was quite the experience.

We arrive at 7am to set up our booth (by we I mean my husband and I) and the festival kicked off at 8:30am.


The day started off slow with not too many visitors but as soon as lunch hit it really picked up.  It was great to see some familiar faces and meet new people.

I was offering a discounted rate (29% to be exact to honour how old the Strawberry Festival is) on 1, 60 minute PT session to be purchased Saturday only and promoting my outdoor bootcamp classes held at a local park.  I have to say the bootcamp was a hit but the PT sessions, not so much.  It was a great learning experience to figure out what flies in this town and what doesn’t.  Verdict: people enjoy the group setting more and feel it’s a better bang for their buck then to purchase PT sessions and get a customized program.  I guess it’s the group motivation that is more intriguing then working out one on one.

PT special

I brought all of my equipment with me and found when I was using it (even just standing on it) I gained the most exposure.  Stood on the bosu all day and totally felt my calves and quads the next day.



I also held a photo contest for a prize valued at $200.  Sweet deal right?  Turns out there are a lot of camera shy people but I did get 7 entrants for the contest which is great.  Contest is ongoing and voting closes on July 15th.  Photo with the most likes wins the prize.  To view the photos and vote click here.

Photo Contest


I had a ton of fun running the booth.  We were on our feet for 10 hours but it was an amazing experience.  Just getting my brand out there was rewarding in itself and I learned a lot from being there for the day.  I also had a little helper with me for a couple of hours… son.  He also got a branded shirt!  Too cute right?


Have a fit day!


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