As many of you may know I am a HUGE Ronda Rousey fan.  If you’ve seen any of my promotional videos, Motivation Mondays or social media posts I am truly inspired by her…not only as a fighter but how she carries herself.  A no bullshit approach which applies to all aspects of her life.  She’s raw and real.  If you don’t like her, she doesn’t care.  She doesn’t allow nonsensical haters to rain on her parade.

Her last fight was against Holly Holm, a multiple-time world champion in boxing, defending her titles 18 times in 3 different weight classes.   Holly dominated the fight right from the beginning and kept Ronda chasing her for 2 rounds ending it in the second with a kick to the head that KO’d Ronda.   I, like I’m sure many of you were feeling, was devastated to see Ronda lose.  This badass, confident chick lost her first fight in the UFC and was dominated throughout the entire fight.  Walking into the fight with Holly she didn’t seem herself.  Her ‘mean face’ was more tame and something just seemed off with Ronda.  Not to make excuses; just an observation I made when she first walked out.

2 days ago Ronda Rousey made an appearance on the Ellen Show.  As I sat there watching the clip I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional when she said she had thoughts of killing herself in the medical room after the loss.  Saying “what am i anymore if i’m not this?” “Nobody gives a shit about me anymore without this”.  Well Ronda, here’s one fan that thinks you’re still the best athlete in the world. I also found it ironic how I was wearing my new Rousey Reebok zip-up hoodie when this interview happened.  Notice that I’m wearing the black and gold version.  I purchased this after the loss and let me tell you it was hard to get my hands on it because they didn’t have any in my size in stock.  I chose the champion colours because Ronda will always be a champion in my eyes. 

 She’s broken down so many barriers and proven that a woman can achieve anything she wants in a male dominant world.  She is who many young girls aspire to be like and is a trailblazer.  Setting new records, changing the world’s view of women athletes, particularly those that fight.  She’s providing the message that it’s ok to be a strong and independent woman and to work hard for what you want no matter what situation you’re in.

So Ronda, here is why you are STILL the best athlete in the world.

Nobody, including yourself has the right to doubt who you are and what you have accomplished.  Although I don’t know you personally, you seem to wear your heart on your sleeve and say exactly how you feel when you’re being interviewed.  That’s what makes you connect with so many people on this planet.  The facade that a lot of famous athletes and celebrities put on is not believable at times.  Is it because they would be boring if they acted like themselves?  I don’t know. But creating unnecessary drama or a fake persona just to keep yourself relevant seems like a lot of work if you ask me.

Think about all that you have done up until this point.  You have broken down stigma’s and barriers that no other female athlete has done.  You were the first person to be signed to a male dominant sport.  You and the rest of the women in the UFC made it acceptable for females to practice martial arts and perhaps have a career in it.  You all make up a small percentage of women who actually get to fulfill their dreams and give the younger generations hope that one day they can be there too.  In an arena surrounded by tens of thousands of cheering (or booing) fans. Who would have ever thought that a female fight would sell out a Pay Per View and be a main event.

You won the best fighter ESPY award and were the first MMA fighter to win an ESPY award.  You beat out the men.  How is that not something to be proud of?  Nobody can take that away from you.

  • Most consecutive armbar finishes (male or female)
  • Second and Third fastest finishes in a title fight (male or female)
  • One of the first two female coaches on The Ultimate Fighter
  • 12 consecutive wins (professional record)
  • 6 successful title defenses in the UFC

And that’s just a short list of all you have accomplished.

You are the face of the UFC women’s division and as Joe Rogan said in a post fight interview with you, ‘Once in a lifetime doesn’t apply to Ronda Rousey.  It’s once ever in human history’.  Of course holding the belt until you retire would’ve been great but it’s how you bounce back from this loss that’s going to make you an even stronger person and athlete.    GSP and Anderson Silva are 2 fighters that come to mind.  Holding the belt  and then losing it.  GSP regained his belt and held on to it for 12 fights.  It’s attainable.  You are one athlete that will always be in the history books.  Never doubt yourself for one second on who you are or what you have become.  Fighting because you love it should be first and foremost.  Go back to the first thought you had when you entered the MMA world and use that to motivate you to regain your confidence.  You have not lost your fans. We are all behind you through your victories and losses.  Your journey is intriguing and I can’t wait to see what more you have to offer this world.  You are still the same sassy, confident, no bullshit women whether you have a belt on you or not.  Never change who you are because that is what attracts all of us to watch your fights and see what more you have to offer this world.  Set new goals, strive for your personal best and never doubt who you are; a beautiful, strong, confident woman who is going to keep setting new records and tearing down barriers. Be Stronger Everyday!