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FIT MOMS & KIDS Bootcamp begins next Wednesday!
Register today!

Ladies without kids are welcome too!
Come get fit, stronger and healthier outdoors for the month of August.

Take advantage of our very affordable FIT PASS for $100 which allows you to attend all of our classes (morning and evening).

Our classes are intense but can be modified for those that have injuries, limitations or are just starting out. We are certified, insured and trained to deal with every type of population.


No matter your what your fitness level is you will surely see results. Lose inches, burn calories and get stronger!!

Get ‪#‎strongereveryday‬ with our classes!


Experience one of my HIIT workouts that will have your heart pumping.

High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to fit an awesome workout in, in a short amount of time. You will burn more fat than a weight training workout, increase your metabolism, improve the function of your heart, increase your VO2, improve your strength and the best part is that the only equipment you need is your body.

After you’ve completed the workout comment below to let me know how you did or if you have any questions.


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