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Commercial gyms have a variety of small and large equipment but most people don’t know what to do with them or how to achieve an effective workout. Fitness staff are not going to give you free workouts every 6 weeks to make sure you’re seeing results. So what are you paying for? Variety of machines? Ability to go any time of day? Let’s be realistic, most people aim to train at the same time every day because it fits with their schedules which have become very limited due to jobs, commute times and family’s. So training any time of day is a reason we make up in our head because it sounds appealing and seems like a better bang for our buck. Also, knowing you can train any time of day ends up coming with excuses. It may seem nice at first to know you can go morning, evening or late at night but when push comes to shove if you don’t have it booked in your calendar you’re likely going to put it off for other things.  Think of your workout appointments as important meetings.  It’s slated and can’t be erased or rescheduled.  You may not look forward to going but you will love the payoff.

Having access to that much equipment is nice only if you know what to do with them. Most people go in, warm-up on the elliptical or treadmill for 5 to 10 minutes and then go and use random pieces of equipment because they saw it in a magazine or YouTube video (not always a credible source).  Sometimes you’re even provided with a free workout when you have your free fitness assessment (by one of their personal trainers) but the workout can either go one of two ways; the first is that it is a very basic workout to get you started but will be something you outgrow eventually if you’re consistent with your workouts. The second is that the workout has some partner work involved in hopes that you purchase personal training because you can’t do those exercises on your own. Either way the workout is not tailored to you, it’s tailored as a sales pitch.  And for most people a monthly membership and personal training can be pricey. 

After a couple of times of working out on you’re own you’re probably not seeing the results you were hoping for.  You get discouraged and you stop going. Now you’re paying for a $60 a month membership and only going once or twice a month.  Break that cost up over two visits and it works out to be $30 a visit. Eventually this becomes a once a month visit ($60 per visit) and in some cases once a quarter ($180 per visit).  Joining a gym is not going to get you the results; just showing up for a workout will not get you the results; working out efficiently and the correct way for your goals and body type will. You need to be realistic about how often you’re going to go and you need to have a plan. This method doesn’t work for 80% of the population. Instead of spending $720/year (total based on the $60/month example) why not allot that amount to something you will use.  This is why personal training and boutique facilities are thriving. It gets you results, is a ton of fun and what keeps you going back. Transformations are happening more and more with personal training and boutique fitness then at a commercial gym. The secret? Because there’s a method. There’s planned out workouts that are geared towards all fitness levels that will get the results done. Periodized programs that are planned out for the entire year is what gets you the results and educated personal trainers and  fitness coaches know how to do this. For me personally, I always have an end result in mind where I would like my clients to be but of course I’m not going to start them with those exact workouts. They just aren’t ready for it yet. But I know with the exercises I prescribe to them that they will eventually get there. You need to respect the process and get it out of your mind that you’re going to see a significant change in 2 weeks. Quick Fix’s don’t work. These have been around for years. Our parents’ were taking part in them in the 80’s and it led to yo-yo dieting and exercising. If it didn’t work for them what makes you think it’ll work for you? They are known as fad diets for a reason. Fad means it comes and goes and that’s exactly what’ll happen with your weight.  You’ll lose but then you’ll gain it all back if not more which will make you more miserable and moving onto the next quick fix.  When you work with a trainer you get counselling as well as training.  Having a trainer is not just showing up for a 60 minute session. It’s collecting your goals and figuring out how to get you there, it’s coming up with a game plan and seeing what type of habits will work for the individual because everyone interprets and executes tasks differently.  

I’m not trying to bash commercial gyms because for the select few who already have a full program tailored to them and they know how to progress with it on their own. But for majority of the people that just joined because it’s their New Year’s resolution need to be realistic. Ask yourself, is this the first time you’ve attempted to join a gym and make fitness your New Year’s resolution? If the answer is no you need to change the habits that you had in the past because you’re already setting yourself up for failure.  Everyone’s lifestyle changes and so do your habits so choose a method of fitness that is going to work for you. Your health should not take a backseat to other things that you may spend money on such as trinkets for the house, daily coffee at a high end coffee shop, a bottle of wine or two on a weekly basis, etc.  These are vices.  Substitute these for your health and you will have money for personal training. If you pay for the positive things that will keep you healthy now you won’t have to pay for the medications and rehab later. Why is it that we wait until our bodies hurt or a doctor orders us to workout because of high blood pressure that we take action? Why do we only take care of our bodies when there is something negative happening? Why not start taking care of it when we are not hurting and we’re feeling great about ourselves to prevent the onset of illness and injuries. You only have one body. Don’t you want to be around to play with your great-grandkids?  This is a brutally honest post but when it comes to your health you can’t lie to your body and expect to see change.   Find your why….your “a-ha” moment and once you do you’ll start seeing results.  

Motivation.  Confidence.  Self-worth. Transformation.  Happiness.  Better mood.  All of the things you feel or achieve when you workout.

You’re willing to spend your money on gimmicks and products that may help you drop the weight quickly but it doesn’t teach you how to keep it off for good.  Stop taking advice from someone that doesn’t have a college or university degree or any formal type of education surrounding health and wellness.  You only have one body and as far as we know, one life.  Your health is not something to experiment with.  Just like you wouldn’t ask a friend to perform a dental surgery on you, why would you turn to a non-certified, uneducated individual for health and wellness advice?  Even a massage.  Would you trust your friend to give you a massage or would you see the assistance of an RMT?  The art of personal training is methodical and scientific based.  It’s a health science for a reason.  As someone that has graduated from an elite fitness and health program I am educated on the anatomy of the human body (I performed a bell ringer just like an RMT or Chiropractor would have), biomechanics, workout periodization, special populations (aging, prenatal, injuries, diseases, etc.), various fitness assessment testing, fitness appraisals and how to read an ECG test just to name a few.

I am not just a personal trainer who you see for 60 minutes and then don’t hear from me again until our next session.  I am your coach, cheerleader, friend, therapist and psychologist.  I will never put you down and will never make you perform an exercise that is unattainable or could make you susceptible to injuries.  I always have an open line of communication to check-in.  I like to see how you’re feeling, chat about your meal planning and what type of exercise you are doing when I am not with you.  I create monthly plans to keep you on track.  There are so many options to keep you moving forward.  No two people’s workout plans will ever be the same.  That’s the beauty of having a personal trainer in your corner.  Trainers are there for YOU.  We aren’t there to get our own workout in (that should be part of our own work/life balance), we are there to help you succeed every way possible.  I will not allow you to make excuses (because those never got anyone results) and will always make sure I continuously motivate and cheer you on to success.  I am not here to make you feel bad or devalue your worth.  Everyone, both men and women, are entitled to feel their best. You didn’t get to where you are by working out 5 times a week and eating fruits and vegetables all day.  I know that’s quite blunt but it’s the truth and the faster you can realize what you need to do in order to change (with my help) the faster you will see results.  Somewhere along the line you lost your drive to be something better, to lead a healthy lifestyle.  You lost who YOU were.  Let’s find that old you together and re-identify your self-worth.  This is a lifestyle change that will forever change your entire outlook on life.  It’s the most wonderful feeling when you notice results and feel accomplishments for small things in your daily life that you couldn’t do before.  Yo-Yo dieting or trying every new fitness trend DOES NOT WORK!  Let’s realize that now so you can start fresh and start making permanent lifestyle changes.

You may think that personal training is a luxury but let me put it to you this way.  Your life  is the most important luxury you can own.  EVERYONE (including personal trainers) needs a Personal Trainer.  I’ve personally had one and it was the greatest investment I made.  That’s not to say that I can’t put a stellar program together and see results.  I love having the guidance of a knowledgable professional that is going to motivate me for that hour.  I like having the appointment in my calendar because it makes me feel in control of my daily life instead of fitting it in when I can and perhaps forgetting about it all day until it’s far too late to get a workout in.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain weight, train for a race, train for a specific sport or are stuck with your routine, have plateaued and need a challenge, EVERYONE needs a personal trainer.  Re-allocate that budget you would’ve spent on gimmicks and trendy workouts to hiring Fizzique Fitness.  We will not only provide you with a fitness program that will transform your body but we will teach you what you need to do on a daily basis to ensure you achieve your goals.  At Fizzique Fitness, we change lives and make you stronger everyday.  You can invest in your health now, or you can pay for it later.  Either way, it’s going to cost you.

I have known Angela for quite some time.  She started as a friend but when she decided to make a commitment to her fitness routine she contacted me to assist.  I was very excited to help her but also a little nervous because when you’re already friends with someone there is added pressure.  Will my programs be successful?  Will she enjoy the workouts?  A lot of questions crossed my mind before starting our sessions but once we did I was reassured that this was a right fit.
Angela really wanted to focus on kickboxing for her training.  She had done some of this kind of training at her gym but wanted to add more to her workout routine.  Since I run MMA classes in our town she sought me out to have her training sessions centred around this style of training.  MMA or kickboxing really proves to be a sure way to lose weight because of the many components involved with the sport.  You get a crazy amount of toning because you’re actually hitting an object and it’s a great cardio workout.
Here is her story.
My weight loss journey started in February 2014. My youngest daughter was just over 2 years old and I was still carrying some baby weight. I weighed 156lbs and each week the number would climb. I felt tired and I didn’t feel good about myself. I decided to join a local gym. After going to the gym on-and-off for a year I lost a total of 8lbs. My problem was that after 5 months I stopped making progress and I had not yet achieved my goal.


In mid-April 2015 I weighed 148lbs and was still struggling to lose the last 10 pounds. I contacted Alexis Talledes of Fizzique. We discussed my goals, my diet and my routine. I committed to 10 weeks of personal training with Alexis. Each week she brought something different to my workout; strength training, MMA and TRX. Within that 10 weeks I reached my goal weight of 137lbs and noticed a significant change in my physique. Alexis kept me focused on the task, and designed training that I actually enjoyed. Alexis’ enthusiasm and knowledge, as well as her ability to motivate allowed me to achieve goals that I was unable to on my own.



We completed 1 set of 10 sessions and are onto our next set of 10.  I ensured to take her measurements at this point and before and after photos and here is were she is today.


Our next focus is to strengthen her core so we have been utilizing the TRX system quite a bit in our sessions.  This piece of equipment is amazing because it’s so portable and really enhances every single exercise ensuring your body gets a killer workout.  We still incorporate the kickboxing combinations as it really drives her heart rate up and will keep her working towards her goals.

This is one client that walks the walks and talks the talk when it comes to her fitness goals.  Nothing will get in her way of her success.  This is someone that all women struggling with their goals should aspire to be like.




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I find it’s difficult sometimes to come up with gift ideas for certain people and I’m sure I’m not alone.  That’s why I’ve compiled a list of awesome gifts for whatever type of person you’re dealing with.

Gift Certificate (for the indulgent)


You can’t go wrong with free money and chances are the person you’re buying for won’t go out of their way to pay for something themselves; especially when there are more practical things they need.  Whether it’s a gift certificate to a spa or for a wellness service or fitness class, everyone can use the gift of relaxation and fitness.

Fitness Tracker (for the goal oriented individual)


Whether you like Fitbit, Nike Fuel or the Samsung Galaxy Gear (that syncs to your phone), they all hold you accountable for your daily activity.  Strive for your 10,000 steps and see the trend it creates for the week. Once you’re comfortable fitting in 10,000 steps try to improve your activity for the following week.

Cooking Lessons (for the foodie)


Are your meal plans stuck in a rut or do you just love cooking?  Then why not book some time with a chef or location (like SupperWorks) to add some new recipes to your catalogue.

Small Equipment (for the jet setter)


If you know someone that travels a lot, chances are they don’t have time to get to the hotel gym.  So bring the gym to them.  You can purchase resistance tubing, a TRX or skipping rope which can be packed away and doesn’t take up a lot of space.  Whether they prefer cardio or resistance training you can always create a workout on the go.

Running shoes (for the runner)


Runners go through shoes very often (typically every 6 months) so a little help in the shoe department is always appreciative.

Personal Training Sessions (for the beginner)


Let’s face it.  Walking into a gym can be intimidating.  There are a lot of large pieces of equipment and a lot of people around.  But you’ve made the decision to start getting healthy.  So instead of trying to copy what the next person is doing for their workout (which may even be executed poorly and not the fight formula of exercises for your body), hire a trainer.  Ask for all of their credentials and do your research.  Look for someone that took a health science/fitness program in college or university and go from there.  Find someone that will fit your personality and doesn’t just give you a mash-up of exercises that are unattainable.

Music player (for the music nut)


Music is often a huge motivator for most people.  Load up a player with their favorite music before you give it to them which will score you extra brownie points.

Now that I’ve shared my list, leave me a comment with what’s on your wishlist this holiday season?


Are you interested in hiring a personal trainer or participating in a fitness class?  Know who’s training you before committing.  You have the right to ask your trainer what their training background is.  Here’s a guide to help you formulate some questions when researching for a fitness professional.

  • Credentials: You don’t have a degree in exercise science, and you don’t need one.  That’s one of the reasons you’re hiring your trainer in the first place.  Make sure he/she is certified to be doing so.  Your trainer should be able to readily present their credentials and their credentials should come from a recognized body of exercise science such as CSEP or NCSM.  there are several other licensing bodies.  The industry standard however, is shifting more towards advanced degrees or diplomas.  Weekend courses, although convenient, do not always produce the best trainers.
    • When you know your trainer has a fitness degree or diploma you can feel more at east that you won’t get injured.  trainers that have gone to school for fitness or exercise science have been taught how to train special populations (cardiac patients, seniors, pre/post natal) and how to treat injuries.
    • CSEP is a national certification which can only be obtained by having gone to school for fitness or exercise science.  This is why this certification is more prestigious then the weekend courses that are out there.  Now a days anyone can go and get a training certificate by attending a 2 day course.  Know who you’re hiring and feel safe working out by hiring someone with the proper training and experience.  Not only will trainers with the schooling background be able to prevent injury but they will prescribe a program that is tailored to your every need.  No 2 programs will be the same amongst all of their clients because creating programs is a science.
  • Lower prices doesn’t always mean better quality.  Think of you body as a car.  Investing in a car that’s a bit more expensive, like a Mercedes-Benz, will likely come with a better safety rating, sleeker look and last you longer without any repairs.  If you want to be injury free, have a rocking body and make your body last as long as it can then you will have a greater return on investment.
  • Regardless what type of class you participate in, you should always be led by an instructor who is certified and covered by insurance. There are many times people think that because they have a love for fitness that they can just teach people how to exercise. It’s not as easy as that. Chances are the individual hasn’t been educated on how the human body works, how to deal with injuries and how to prevent them from happening. What works for them doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. Put your mind at ease knowing you’re covered if anything happens to you. There are so many options from community to commercial to private fitness classes. Choose one that works best for your lifestyle but make sure you keep those 2 things in mind; that the instructor is certified and carries their own insurance or is covered under a company’s insurance plan. Don’t overlook these 2 points just because a class is free or the person is your friend. Injuries happen all of the time and your instructor needs to be educated enough to modify exercises if needed.
  • Committing to a set amount of sessions holds you accountable for making it to as many sessions as you can.  Drop in programs/pay as you go set you up for failure because when you aren’t committed to a schedule you’re more likely to make excuses not to attend.  Keeping motivated to attend each week create a habit for a lifetime of success.
  • If a trainer has proper equipment that they can bring to you, then you know they have taken the time to invest in their business.  workouts are meant to be fun and to be educational allowing you to fully understand how amazing your body adapts and functions.
  • When choosing a class pick one that is results driven. There is a reason successful classes are set up in blocks. It’s to ensure you stay committed and see results.  Any class that says you can use your sessions whenever you want, lacks structure to their program. They don’t have your best interest at heart and are setting you up for failure.  Reaching your goals can only be achieved by following a regimented program.

Watch this video of 2 great exercises to tackle your core.

And here are some cardio exercises to compliment the above:

Perform these exercises with no rest in between.  This is a HIIT circuit so be prepared……

30 seconds of burpees jacking the legs when down in the plank position

30 seconds of split lunges

30 seconds of side to side push-ups

Take a 30 second rest and repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 sets.

Keep me posted with how you felt after the workout and if you have any questions.

Have a fit day!

Alexis Talledes


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