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Only 15% of adults and 5% of kids get the minimum requirement of physical activity for health benefits.  That is a very low percentage.  By using the tips I have provided along with visiting different websites, such as ParticipACTION, to gain more tips on how to be active each day we can help change this statistic around.  Don’t let excuses inhibit your motivation.  One day you may end up in a not so wonderful situation and wished you had moved more.  Wash away the excuses and start creating habits.  Here are your last 5 tips on ways to sneak in activity.

Sneak It In Day 5

Fitting in 10 minutes of activity can lead you on a creative path.  Be creative in ways that you can sneak it in.  The nicer weather is approaching.  Here are 5 things you can do today.

1. Clean up the yard of leaves and debris

2. Get your little ones out of the house and go for a walk or if your kids are in school, get a group of friends to meet up.

3. Go for a bike ride.  If you work in a major city, hop on a Bixi bike during your lunch hour.

4. Use a pedometer or fitness wearable that can track how many steps you’ve taken.  Sometimes seeing an actual number creates more motivation to keep moving.  Aim for 10,000 steps/day.

5. Clean the house.  Pick a new room each day to clean.

Sneak It In Day 4

Movement helps to decrease anxiety.  With everyone having a busy life it’s nice to take a few minutes to yourself and just breath or do something for you.

1. Always be prepared and keep a spare set of clothes and runners in your car or at work.

2. Some work cultures are very strict so use your work breaks to relieve tension by stretching and move your muscles.

3. Take the stairs whenever possible instead of the elevator or escalator.

4. Put down the device or take a break from any type of screen and do something active.  You’ll notice there’s a whole other world out there besides what’s on your newsfeed.

5. Your kids and family watch what you do.  A healthy lifestyle begins with you so lead by example.

Sneak It In Day 3

Physical activity can help us retain flexibility and improve our range of motion which will benefit your body in the long run.  Less aches and pains, and promotion of blood moving through the body.  Who wouldn’t want to feel better instead of like they’re falling apart?

Here are your day 2 tips to #sneakitin:

1. Arrange on-site fitness classes (such as bootcamp, yoga, meditation, pilates, etc) to keep you and your co-workers (or friends if you hire an instructor to come to your home) active.  It’s a great way to hold eachother accountable and feel a little more energized for the rest of the day.

2. Instead of hitting up a club or bar with your friends, arrange for an active outing like rock climbing, treetop trekking or yoga retreat.

3. Stretch at your desk or in between commercials.

4. Invest in inexpensive exercise equipment such as a resistance band, stability ball, free weights, etc.

5. Stand while you talk on the phone to promote blood flow and utilization of your muscles.

Sneak It In Day 2

ParticipACTION is an amazing resource to get some new ideas on how you can motivate yourself and your family to get active.  There are some amazing statistics regarding the recommended amount of activity for adults, children, even people with MS on the site as well. This week is known as Sneak It In Week.  It’s a way to promote 10 minutes of activity at a time so that you become more conscious about moving.  The recommended guideline for an adult is 150 minutes of heart pumping activity per week.  So breaking that down into 10 minute bouts is a lot more attainable then trying to commit to a 60 minute workout at the gym.

This is a great way to get a small group together for this week and motivate eachother to get moving.  I know there must be some of you that say, I’ll start my healthy habit on Monday or, I don’t have enough time in the day to do any sort of activity.  Everybody has at least 10 minutes in their day to do some sort of workout (heck, my Tabata workouts on my DVD, Undefeated, are only 4 minutes!)


Each day I’ll be providing you with 5 tips on how you can introduce activity in your life.  Write these down or screen grab the tips and save as your phone wallpaper/lock screen so that you constantly have a reminder.

1. Book meetings as walking meetings instead of over the phone or in a board room.

2. Park a bit further so you get some walking in instead of sitting in your car waiting for closest possible parking spot at the grocery store or mall.

3. Get a small group of colleagues together and climb the stairs on your lunch hour.

4. Schedule activity into your calendar.  It’s the most important meeting you’ll have to attend all day.

5. Schedule appointments in your calendar to get up and go to the bathroom or refill your water bottle.


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