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I find it’s difficult sometimes to come up with gift ideas for certain people and I’m sure I’m not alone.  That’s why I’ve compiled a list of awesome gifts for whatever type of person you’re dealing with.

Gift Certificate (for the indulgent)


You can’t go wrong with free money and chances are the person you’re buying for won’t go out of their way to pay for something themselves; especially when there are more practical things they need.  Whether it’s a gift certificate to a spa or for a wellness service or fitness class, everyone can use the gift of relaxation and fitness.

Fitness Tracker (for the goal oriented individual)


Whether you like Fitbit, Nike Fuel or the Samsung Galaxy Gear (that syncs to your phone), they all hold you accountable for your daily activity.  Strive for your 10,000 steps and see the trend it creates for the week. Once you’re comfortable fitting in 10,000 steps try to improve your activity for the following week.

Cooking Lessons (for the foodie)


Are your meal plans stuck in a rut or do you just love cooking?  Then why not book some time with a chef or location (like SupperWorks) to add some new recipes to your catalogue.

Small Equipment (for the jet setter)


If you know someone that travels a lot, chances are they don’t have time to get to the hotel gym.  So bring the gym to them.  You can purchase resistance tubing, a TRX or skipping rope which can be packed away and doesn’t take up a lot of space.  Whether they prefer cardio or resistance training you can always create a workout on the go.

Running shoes (for the runner)


Runners go through shoes very often (typically every 6 months) so a little help in the shoe department is always appreciative.

Personal Training Sessions (for the beginner)


Let’s face it.  Walking into a gym can be intimidating.  There are a lot of large pieces of equipment and a lot of people around.  But you’ve made the decision to start getting healthy.  So instead of trying to copy what the next person is doing for their workout (which may even be executed poorly and not the fight formula of exercises for your body), hire a trainer.  Ask for all of their credentials and do your research.  Look for someone that took a health science/fitness program in college or university and go from there.  Find someone that will fit your personality and doesn’t just give you a mash-up of exercises that are unattainable.

Music player (for the music nut)


Music is often a huge motivator for most people.  Load up a player with their favorite music before you give it to them which will score you extra brownie points.

Now that I’ve shared my list, leave me a comment with what’s on your wishlist this holiday season?

Blind Melon takes me back to high school. A great feel good song that can also lead you through a great stretch session.

What does this song remind you of?


A great song for the summer.


One of my favourite bands of all time. Their songs get me so motivated in the gym. What do you think of Limp Bizkit?

Because I’m happy…..

Hope this song gets your feet moving. It always does for me…..and Kevin Bacon doesn’t look too bad either. Get your Serotonin and Endorphins flowing.

I feel that music is the #1 motivator when working out.  Having a steady beat carry you through your last couple of reps can make all of the difference in the world on whether you complete them or not.  The tempo can also alter what type of mood you’re in.  So if you like fast, upbeat music, chances are you will be in a great and happy mood.   For me, I prefer hard rock or metal music as that is what helps to keep me focused.  I love all genres but of course, it depends on what mood I’m in or what I’m doing which will help me decide what I listen to.  For example, when I’m driving, sometimes I’m in the mood for some oldies.

I have polled some of my facebook fans and here is what they have come up with for their top list of workout music.  Let us know what you enjoy so we can keep adding to the list.

I have a huge LOVE for music.  One of my favorite things to do is create playlists for my spin classes.  I find mixing genres is best so you cover everyone’s favorites.  One thing I have found is really helpful and makes your job a bit easier, is to ask your participants what they want to hear.  It not only makes them feel included in the process of your music selection but when that song hits the speaker, you’ll notice that the individual that requested the song gets a huge burst of energy and motivation!  Here’s a sample of some songs that are my go to’s.  What are some of yours?

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