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Confidence doesn’t equal arrogance. If people take it that way they are just jealous that they don’t possess the same amount of confidence and feel like they have to put you down. Don’t judge the person before meeting them and hearing their story. For me, the way I am in business is not how I am in real life. I definitely have a lot of confidence which has been instilled in me by my parents’ but there is nothing wrong with being sure of yourself and comfortable with who you are. It’s those who aren’t comfortable with themselves that feel they have to put you down in order to “fake” themselves into thinking they have it all together. If you have big dreams go for it and don’t let anyone get in your way. It’s the determined ones that don’t give up and constantly make themselves better that succeed. If you settle for where you are in business or life you’ll never get better and grow. Which is fine. Some people are completely ok with where they are but don’t bad mouth the ones that have larger goals in mind. 

I just love Ronda Rousey’s quotes. Her book ‪My Fight/Your Fight‬ is empowering and really makes you see why she is a champion and why nobody or nothing will get in her way of creating her own success.










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