As a women and mother myself I know how important regular check-ups are.  Keeping one’s health in check and ensuring you take every precaution possible to make sure you’re on this planet for as long as you’re meant to be on it will not only benefit yourself but your friends and family surrounding you.  As a Mom you are most likely the one that needs to make sure the household runs so that means getting sick is out of the question.  Ok, a little unrealistic of a statement but we need to ensure we are healthy in order to keep the rest of our family healthy and make our day to day tasks happen.

I discovered this infographic from Hi Oscar and wanted to team up with them to promote how important it is for women to get regular check-ups. Oscar is a technology based health insurance company that has taken the stress out of health care with their tools like the Oscar app. They have services like their personal health care timeline that list out your entire health history on the Oscar app to help their members stay up to date and on top on their health. You can find out more about Oscar’s health insurance information here. I hope you have or plan on having some of these checks done in 2015.  If not, book a physical with your doctor or specialist and make sure you’re getting your entire body checked out.

Oscar Women's CheckupsLRG

Blood tests are a great start to knowing what’s going on in your body.  You have the right to ask for your results.  Do your research and check out what the normative values are for each category but also listen to what your doctor has to say.  Always try and get your levels up via healthy food but in some cases you do need to supplement with medication/vitamins.  Always consult your GP or Naturopathic Doctor before prescribing pills to yourself.

Stay healthy and have a fit day!