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I came across a quote the other day that said ‘I have get to workout’.  Having to workout and GETTING to workout are 2 different things.  Just changing 1 word in your vocabulary can make your outlook on life and goals seem different.  We all have goals but changing your frame of mind is what will help you achieve and conquer them.  Let’s not take movement for granted.

We’re 1 day away from 2014 and the #1 resolution always seems to be fitness…..get in better shape.  The gyms are packed and then taper off around March break.  Why does this happen?  Because people set unrealistic goals for themselves; going everyday for the first bit and then they find excuses that get in the way of fitting in their workout thus resulting in a no-show as we near March break.  Does this sound like you?  Then you NEED to use this tool to help set yourself up for success and not failure with your workout routine.

Effective goal setting is an essential component of a physical activity and sedentary behavior prescription.  SMART goals are:

Specific.  Well-defined clear actions.

Measurable.  Objective and quantifiable so both the client and trainer know when they’ve been achieved.

Actionable.  Based on things the client will do (ie. Not an outcome).

Relevant.  They must be important and meaningful to the client.  Getting to success is motivating in itself.

Timed.  Without a set deadline, there is no sense of urgency.

Establishing goals that are realistic and attainable will guide you to early successes to build on over time. 


Working with a certified personal trainer helps too so contact me today to set you up with a program tailored to your goals so that you don’t follow this trend (one that actually isn’t a good trend to follow).

Have a Happy and Healthy 2014 and I hope you have many successes achieving your goals.


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