Most women lust over the perfect butt.  They want it high, round, to look good in jeans and even more, to look good naked.  It’s one of the body parts we use the attract a mate so it needs to look it’s best.

The bum is made up of 3 muscles, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.   These muscles all have different functions and allow your body to move.  They provide your legs with the range of motion they require to walk, run, sit and move laterally.

If you’ve been wanting a Kim Kardashian or JLo bum for quite some time then you need to do these 5 exercises 3 times a week.  Complete 20 reps of each exercise and if an exercise requires you to work both sides complete 20 reps on each side.  Select a weight that will make you fatigue by the last few reps. Since you’ll be doing high reps you should be choosing a lighter weight.

1. Clam Shell with band

Place your band just above your knees.  Start side lying on the floor with your legs together.  Bend at the knees bringing your feet behind you.  Keep your arm under your head to support and maintain your spinal alignment and ensure the hips are stacked.  Engage your core (belly button to your spine) and lift the top knee towards the sky while keeping the bottom leg on the floor.  Exhale as you lift.  Return the top knee back down to rest on top of the bottom knee.  Keep the motion controlled and inhale.

2. Donkey kicks with tubing

Start on all fours and have one handle of the tubing through the legs and the other handle on the outside so you’re enclosing in 1 shoe.  Place the band in the centre of your shoe and 1 handle in each hand.  Keep the hands under your shoulders and knees under the hips.  Push the heel back until the leg ends up in line with the hip and parallel to the ground.  Exhale as you push back.  Inhale and return the leg back to the starting position without resting the knee on the ground.  Complete your 20 reps and switch to the opposite leg.  A simple way to transition is to take the handle that is on the outside and bring it over to the other side keeping the handle that was in the middle exactly where it is.

3. Goblet squat

Start with your feet hip width apart and slightly toed out.  Hold the weight by the head and close to the chest.  Sit back bringing your bum towards the floor and keep your chest facing forward.  Weight distribution is through your heels.  Inhale as you lower.  Exhale back up to the starting position while driving through the heels.  Ensure the knee joints are soft when you return to the top.  Your movement should be controlled.


4. Curtsy lunges

Start with your feet hip width apart.  Step back with your right leg so it goes behind and past your left leg.  The right knee should bend as you lower as should the left knee.  Inhale as you lower and exhale back to your starting position.  Repeat for 20 reps without weights and repeat on the opposite side.  Once you feel in control of your movement, add weights.

5. See Saw lunges

Start with your feet hip width apart and weights by your sides. Step back with your right foot so you end up on your toe.  Lower the back knee down towards the floor so that both knees end at 90 degrees.  Inhale as you lower.  Push up through the left heel back to standing and swing the right leg through to the front. Exhale as you transition. Lower the left knee down towards the floor so that both knees end at 90 degrees.  Inhale as you lower.   Push up through the right heel and swing the right leg to the back again.  Keep repeat for 20 reps and then repeat with the left leg swinging through.