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Just need to form these energy balls into better spheres and freeze and then they’re ready to eat. These are so delicious and packed full of superfoods and goodness. The secret superfood is spirulina.  It’s a blue green algae that is superior to typical plant protein. Check out the recipe from Meghan Telpner below.

I bought all of my ingredients at Natures Emporium (with a few that I already had from Bulk Barn.)

The raw cacao powder is from Giddy Yoyo. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE their products.

Thanks Meals that Matter for introducing me to these amaze-balls. Website coming soon.

Recipe here.


I’m sure you’ve seen me post a lot about Giddy Yoyo lately through Instagram and on Facebook but it honestly is one of the best chocolate bars I have tasted.  I first discovered this company when I attended the Toronto Fitness Challenge.  What drew me to their product was the fact that they are made with cacao, not cocoa, which is a superfood.  They only deal with free trade ingredients (which you can see what the difference is by clicking here) and they are free of gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, refined sugar and all other nasty funk (their words, not mine).  The products are all vegan, and they have the USDA certified organic stamp on all of their products and they are Canadian!  Made right in Orangeville to be exact.


The chocolate bars vary by percentage.  They have some that are extra dark and some that are not as dark.  I would recommend starting with the sweet bar if you aren’t used to dark chocolate but they have a variety of flavours ranging from banana and nutmeg to spicy to maca.

I am in no way affiliated with Giddy Yoyo nor do I sell their products.  I simply just want to make people aware that there are other amazing choices then running out and grabbing a milk chocolate bar full of sugar, hydrogenated oils and bad fats.
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If you’re interested in trying a bar they cost about $5 and Health on Main, the newest health food store in Stouffville, carries them.  They are located in the same plaza as Snap Fitness, Giant Tiger and the Beer Store at 9th Line and Stouffville Road.

Are there any other topics you’d like to know about? What are your struggles when it comes to healthy living and your overall wellness? Comment below and I’ll answer your questions in the coming weeks!  You will remain anonymous.

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