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I have known Angela for quite some time.  She started as a friend but when she decided to make a commitment to her fitness routine she contacted me to assist.  I was very excited to help her but also a little nervous because when you’re already friends with someone there is added pressure.  Will my programs be successful?  Will she enjoy the workouts?  A lot of questions crossed my mind before starting our sessions but once we did I was reassured that this was a right fit.
Angela really wanted to focus on kickboxing for her training.  She had done some of this kind of training at her gym but wanted to add more to her workout routine.  Since I run MMA classes in our town she sought me out to have her training sessions centred around this style of training.  MMA or kickboxing really proves to be a sure way to lose weight because of the many components involved with the sport.  You get a crazy amount of toning because you’re actually hitting an object and it’s a great cardio workout.
Here is her story.
My weight loss journey started in February 2014. My youngest daughter was just over 2 years old and I was still carrying some baby weight. I weighed 156lbs and each week the number would climb. I felt tired and I didn’t feel good about myself. I decided to join a local gym. After going to the gym on-and-off for a year I lost a total of 8lbs. My problem was that after 5 months I stopped making progress and I had not yet achieved my goal.


In mid-April 2015 I weighed 148lbs and was still struggling to lose the last 10 pounds. I contacted Alexis Talledes of Fizzique. We discussed my goals, my diet and my routine. I committed to 10 weeks of personal training with Alexis. Each week she brought something different to my workout; strength training, MMA and TRX. Within that 10 weeks I reached my goal weight of 137lbs and noticed a significant change in my physique. Alexis kept me focused on the task, and designed training that I actually enjoyed. Alexis’ enthusiasm and knowledge, as well as her ability to motivate allowed me to achieve goals that I was unable to on my own.



We completed 1 set of 10 sessions and are onto our next set of 10.  I ensured to take her measurements at this point and before and after photos and here is were she is today.


Our next focus is to strengthen her core so we have been utilizing the TRX system quite a bit in our sessions.  This piece of equipment is amazing because it’s so portable and really enhances every single exercise ensuring your body gets a killer workout.  We still incorporate the kickboxing combinations as it really drives her heart rate up and will keep her working towards her goals.

This is one client that walks the walks and talks the talk when it comes to her fitness goals.  Nothing will get in her way of her success.  This is someone that all women struggling with their goals should aspire to be like.


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Over the last 2 months we ran a virtual challenge called Extreme Fizzique where teams had to earn points for various things.  If you were following along on social media you would’ve seen our teams posting their videos and photos of them exercising, their healthy meals and the most recent posts of them completing the Xtreme Performance Challenge.  If you missed it you can catch up on the past 2 months by searching #xtremefizzique.

The teams were so competitive which made it fun for me to virtually watch.  They were always curious as to how they could earn more.  The point system seemed to be a great tracking method for them to see their progress.  They were also asked to track their activity through MyFitnessPal. This included trying to achieve 10,000 steps every day.  We don’t realize how little we move until we have to track it.  The participants certainly noticed they had to work hard on some days to achieve this.  Some of them even went out at night to try and achieve the last hundred-thousand steps.  That’s dedication and holding themselves accountable to their commitment of the challenge.

Without further delay, here is the winning team of the challenge with a whopping 14,757 points!


Congratulations to VictoriousMamas for winning the $200 cash prize!

The challenge wouldn’t have been successful without the participation of the other teams.  Thank you to everyone who showed up on social media and MyFitnessPal and really embraced the challenge.

The final standings for all of the teams are:

Suicides Squad 5675
Thick and Thin 8395
VictoriousMamas 14757
ADAZ 3300
FitHunters 280

Suicides Squad won for best team name and VictoriousMamas crossed the finish line first in the Xtreme Performance Challenge.  They ran the entire way which is what made them finish 20 minutes before their time allotment.
I’m really looking forward to running another challenge like this in the future.  It was so much fun and witnessing the changes all of the participants made to their lifestyle was so rewarding.

I was so happy to be able to fit my own workout in today before enjoying my facial at Stillwater Spa. Everyone’s body reacts differently to pregnancy but the important thing is to remember that it took 9 months for your body to grow a miracle so it’ll take some time to get back to pre baby weight. Yes, your body parts have shifted around a little and you may have stretch marks (I know I do) but that is all minor to the wonderful blessing you have. Everything your body went through is a badge of honour so wear it proudly. Be thankful you had the experience of being pregnant and delivering a healthy baby. Not every woman has that opportunity. So stop beating yourself up on how long it has taken you to lose weight or how your body proportion just isn’t the same. Focus on the positive and stop being hard on yourself. Chances are the “flaws” you see in your own body is not how people perceive you. Workout because you enjoy it and want to stay healthy for you and your family, not to be a size 0. Every body is beautiful in its own unique way. Stop judging and start embracing.


We now have new flowy tanks available in the Fizzique store.  To order yours, contact us at and specify the size you’d like to order.  All tanks are $25 (+ shipping is applicable).


At Fizzique we don’t just train women.  We’ve had our fair share of successful men too.  I would like to highlight my husband Phil’s success.  He struggled with gaining weight his entire life and suffered from low self-esteem because of it.  His clothes hung off of him and he was tall and lanky.  Definitely not easy when you’re going through high school and you’re body is going through the awkward stages.  Here is a before and after photo.


He contributed an article to our winter 2015 issue of Fizzique Magazine (free digital download).  To read the full article and get a free workout click here.

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