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FIT MOMS & KIDS Bootcamp begins next Wednesday!
Register today!

Ladies without kids are welcome too!
Come get fit, stronger and healthier outdoors for the month of August.

Take advantage of our very affordable FIT PASS for $100 which allows you to attend all of our classes (morning and evening).

Our classes are intense but can be modified for those that have injuries, limitations or are just starting out. We are certified, insured and trained to deal with every type of population.


No matter your what your fitness level is you will surely see results. Lose inches, burn calories and get stronger!!

Get ‪#‎strongereveryday‬ with our classes!



There are 3 different packages to choose from for the Fit Moms & Fit Kids classes.

Get ready for the best bootcamp you’ve ever experienced. Join Fit Moms and Kids beginning the week of February 2nd and start transforming your body!

Whether you’d like to wear your child or bring them with you to workout, you now have the option to fit your workout in with your kid in tow. I will also provide a baby octagon gate with foam tiles in case you’d like to keep them contained if they are too large to wear.

This 13 week session will get you through the winter months and in the greatest shape ever. You will feel stronger and energized by the end of the session. Let’s instill the values of a healthy lifestyle in our children by leading by example.

Register today!

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