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The newest issue of Fizzique Magazine is out now and available for download. It is the biggest issue that we have published to date and includes all new interactive features that include live links as well as full video demos of workouts in each workout program. Just look for the “interactive content” tab in the corner of the page.

Click here to download your copy today. Compatible on all tablets, smart phones, laptops and desktop computers.

In this issue, our cover woman, Gillian Goerzen of Super You and Savvy Fitness teaches you how to rock a healthy weight.
An in-store dietician will provide you with tips to navigate a grocery store.
Jen Heise of Me First Fitness gives you 10 reasons everyone needs a personal trainer.
Interactive workouts such as tabata, gun show arms, butt toning exercises and a travel workout.
An interview with future soccer star, Anthony Grozdanis.
Foundations for optimal nutrition by culinary nutrition expert, Kristine Peacock owner of Meals that Matter.
One yoga teachers 365 day journey to lolosana and handstands. 

Enjoy this issue and if you would like to contribute an article and get your brand seen by over 10,000 people or would like to advertise in our next issue please contact us.

 Advertising opportunities for our Summer issue of Fizzique Magazine is now available. Specs of the ads and cost are listed below along with our outstanding increase in downloads for each issue. 

If you need an ad created by PNT Creative add an extra $10 onto each option. 
Local publications charge around $80 for 1/32 of a page. Advertise with us at a fraction of the cost and reach an audience all across Canada and the US.
If you know someone that would be interested in this opportunity share this post with them. 

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