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Ashley Graham is a REAL woman. I can’t believe what’s considered plus size is a US size 8. The modelling industry is basically saying that more then half of the world is plus size. I guess I fit into that category because the tops I buy at Lululemon are size 8. I have broad shoulders and larger boobs which I feel look feminine and strong.  
Even though we are not standing in front of an agent we are standing in front of the world. Putting ourselves on display by posting photos on social media for others to comment on. Whether by writing comments or saying it to themselves we are constantly judging others. I have heard women describe other women as “the fat one” or “the anorexic looking one”. Labelling. It honestly makes me sad to hear this. 
There is too much pressure to fit into a mold and some women are not strong enough to think otherwise. They think if they look a certain way that it’s considered beautiful. Meanwhile, psychologically you are spiralling out of control just to make yourself look a certain way. So when will you know you’ve reached your ideal image of what you want to look like? The answer is you won’t. If you’re so caught up in making yourself look a certain way you will constantly be cutting yourself up. 
STOP having this unhealthy looking image in your mind. 
The fitness industry is notorious for posting half naked selfies. No body fat, no thigh gap, big booties, abs, big boobs, skinny arms, a ton of makeup. A lot of what’s on the internet is so unrealistic. How about embracing that you have some rolls, that your thighs touch and jiggle when you walk, that you look healthy and strong. As long as you’re keeping active, fueling your body with healthy food like fruits and veggies, and not sitting on your butt the whole day, then you are thanking your body for all that it does for you. 
The human body is an amazing thing and we all come in different shapes and sizes. This applies to men too. Accept your body for all of the amazing things it does for you. Be proud of your legs that take you places. Be proud of your round bum that helps you to sit and stand. Be thankful of your midsection that helps you to stand or sit straight. Be proud of your strong arms that allow you to lift your kids, clean your house and drive. Your body is responsible for more then just “looking good”. Embrace who you are, what you’re capable of doing. You are you and that should be enough. No expectations, no judgement. 

Watch Ashley Graham at TedX here

Confidence doesn’t equal arrogance. If people take it that way they are just jealous that they don’t possess the same amount of confidence and feel like they have to put you down. Don’t judge the person before meeting them and hearing their story. For me, the way I am in business is not how I am in real life. I definitely have a lot of confidence which has been instilled in me by my parents’ but there is nothing wrong with being sure of yourself and comfortable with who you are. It’s those who aren’t comfortable with themselves that feel they have to put you down in order to “fake” themselves into thinking they have it all together. If you have big dreams go for it and don’t let anyone get in your way. It’s the determined ones that don’t give up and constantly make themselves better that succeed. If you settle for where you are in business or life you’ll never get better and grow. Which is fine. Some people are completely ok with where they are but don’t bad mouth the ones that have larger goals in mind. 

I just love Ronda Rousey’s quotes. Her book ‪My Fight/Your Fight‬ is empowering and really makes you see why she is a champion and why nobody or nothing will get in her way of creating her own success.


I was so happy to be able to fit my own workout in today before enjoying my facial at Stillwater Spa. Everyone’s body reacts differently to pregnancy but the important thing is to remember that it took 9 months for your body to grow a miracle so it’ll take some time to get back to pre baby weight. Yes, your body parts have shifted around a little and you may have stretch marks (I know I do) but that is all minor to the wonderful blessing you have. Everything your body went through is a badge of honour so wear it proudly. Be thankful you had the experience of being pregnant and delivering a healthy baby. Not every woman has that opportunity. So stop beating yourself up on how long it has taken you to lose weight or how your body proportion just isn’t the same. Focus on the positive and stop being hard on yourself. Chances are the “flaws” you see in your own body is not how people perceive you. Workout because you enjoy it and want to stay healthy for you and your family, not to be a size 0. Every body is beautiful in its own unique way. Stop judging and start embracing.

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