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This is Shannon.  She participated in our January Mission:Slimpossible Challenge with the intent of losing weight the right way. No more fad diets and dropping weight quickly only to put it back on and then some.  This is her before wearing a baggy t-shirt because she wanted to cover up.  During the 17 week session she held herself accountable by checking in with me via email on a weekly basis and asking questions to both Melissa Seguin (who provided the meal plan) and I.  Shannon was the model participant and why Melissa and I got into our fields….to help people achieve their personal best.





Look at how amazing Shannon looks after our 17 week session.  She lost weight in a healthy way and feels a lot more comfortable with her body.  Notice the more fitted t-shirt.She lost 10.75 total inches, lost 16.4 lbs and lost 3.5% body fat!





Congratulations on your success and keep up the amazing work!
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I’m expanding Fizzique’s services and bringing the workout to you!

I know it’s tough to get to our classes during the week with family obligations, etc so I wanted to provide you with a way to benefit from the workouts.  I bring you, Undefeated!!   I am so humbled by all of the support I have received for this DVD and can’t keep enough in stock at one time because they are selling so quickly.  This is definitely the most anticipated workout DVD.

The DVD is 90 minutes and consists of 7 workouts varying from Tabata, HIIT and a Total Fizzique portion. Short on time? Complete a 4 minute Tabata. Mix and match the workouts so you are never bored. Create muscle confusion to constantly see results. Experience the workouts that are transforming bodies. 


Undefeated: A total body workout. Only $10

Only $10!!*
*if it needs to be shipped a $2 shipping fee will apply.

Comment if you’d like a copy and share if you know a friend who would benefit from these awesome workouts!

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