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Confidence doesn’t equal arrogance. If people take it that way they are just jealous that they don’t possess the same amount of confidence and feel like they have to put you down. Don’t judge the person before meeting them and hearing their story. For me, the way I am in business is not how I am in real life. I definitely have a lot of confidence which has been instilled in me by my parents’ but there is nothing wrong with being sure of yourself and comfortable with who you are. It’s those who aren’t comfortable with themselves that feel they have to put you down in order to “fake” themselves into thinking they have it all together. If you have big dreams go for it and don’t let anyone get in your way. It’s the determined ones that don’t give up and constantly make themselves better that succeed. If you settle for where you are in business or life you’ll never get better and grow. Which is fine. Some people are completely ok with where they are but don’t bad mouth the ones that have larger goals in mind. 

I just love Ronda Rousey’s quotes. Her book ‪My Fight/Your Fight‬ is empowering and really makes you see why she is a champion and why nobody or nothing will get in her way of creating her own success.




“I am the greatest.” Words spoken by Muhammad Ali. Pretty powerful words to say about yourself. What are you the greatest at? Is there something that you know you do better than anyone else? Most of us would probably shy away from answering this question because we all know that there is someone better then us out there in the world. It’s a very big statement. You may know you’re really good at something but are you really the greatest? Do you think he honestly believed this and that there was nobody out there that could beat him or do you think he said it to get in his opponents head and create publicity for himself? If he wasn’t edgy with his one liners do you think people would’ve paid attention to him? They may have liked to watch his performance but I guarantee the press and people wanted to know what he was going to say next. It brought in ratings for the broadcasters. It was a marketing tactic. One that is very strategic when it comes to self-promotion. It’s not that the person is cocky or has no integrity but that they want to promote themselves. Do you think people would watch his fights if he wasn’t promoted as the best? Come
watch this pretty good boxer named Casius Clay. No! He needed to make a statement, to stand out. Whether you loved him or hated him you knew who he was and what he was about and there is nothing shameless about how he promoted himself.

That’s what marketing and business is all about. If you don’t get yourself noticed nobody will know who you are. If you don’t push buttons and boundaries a bit, you won’t stand out from the people who offer the same service as you do. Yes, the quality has to be there because nobody is going to refer people to you if your customer service is terrible or if your product isn’t clean. Never shy away from being edgy and different. It’s a good thing. It gets you noticed. Good or bad publicity is still publicity. And, if you were to say come to my “just ok” service. Do you think people want just ok? No! They want the GREATEST. The greatest service, the greatest value, the greatest end result. What they want is the experience. But, in order for them to share in what you have to offer they have to buy into your product. And that’s where self-promotion comes in.

Muhammad Ali, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, they all promote themselves as the best! They are all smart when it comes to self-promotion and they don’t give away their secrets. Why is it that people pay $1300 for an Apple laptop when they can get an HP for way less? It’s the experience as soon as you walk in that store. The longevity of the product, the sleek casing, the support you receive from the company. All of this and more. Why is Starbucks so successful? Do they have the best coffee? Probably not but there’s at least a 10 minute lineup to get a coffee at every Starbucks. Why? Because people like the experience. From the time you walk into the store and smell the fresh roasts to paying, them taking your name (although sometimes it’s wrong which I’ve heard is a marketing tactic so people post on social media), the way you can customize every drink. So much goes into making that 5 minute experience enjoyable so you come back and order more.

Self-promotion is a planned out tactic. It’s not waking up one day and thinking you’re going to try something new. If you stay consistent to the way you promote people will come. And the people who understand business and believe in your service will be your customers for life.

Don’t settle for mediocre self-promotion; settle for the GREATEST!

I love haters.  That’s right, embrace those who hate.  You may think that’s a crazy statement but think about this.  When someone says something negative about you or your business does it not give you the fuel to strive to be better?  To prove you are worthy of your place in society and to show everyone that you’re above getting caught up in the moment.  It bothers that person more that they didn’t get a reaction out of you.  What it really comes down to is jealousy.  Deep down inside of them they are jealous of whatever it is about you that they are lacking; your confidence (which some often mistake for an ego), your ability to make friends easily, etc.  Whatever it is it’s usually a result of your strength being their weakness so they feel they have to retaliate in a way to make themselves feel better.

The reasons haters are good for you, particularly when it comes to business, is that they are talking about you.  It’s publicity.  Whether good or bad things are being said by people it’s all publicity and the funny thing is is that they don’t even realize they are promoting you.  Whether it’s leaving comments on a YouTube video, sharing your blog post with others so they can read what you said, those are all hits that will drive up your visibility and make you more searchable, show up on newsfeeds more, etc.  Engagement is what you want for exposure and they are doing exactly that.

Another way to look at it is that you must be pretty important for them to be wasting their breath and thumbs on you.  You may be lucky enough to have a whole social media thread about you or even better, a hate club.  People can be mean and nasty but if you are able to brush it off and rise above, then you will succeed even more in life and leave them all in the dust to live out their negative petty lives.

I love this t-shirt from WWE Superstar John Cena.  It speaks volumes.

John Cena-Rise Above Hate

and this quote from Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

I’m not saying to be a jerk on purpose just to push people’s buttons but allow yourself to be true to who you are.  Stand up for what you know is right and what you believe in.  Be unique and if it’s in your comfort zone, push boundaries.  That’s what makes you grow as an individual.  In business stating your qualifications and what you bring to the table is not a negative thing.  People may think you’re bragging but what you’re really doing is branding and promoting yourself.  Making yourself stand out and showing your audience why they should invest in your product over someone else’s.  It’s called competition and it’s healthy.  It’s not a negative thing at all but for some reason people see it as such.  The people who see it like this are not well versed in business and don’t understand the fundamentals it takes to grow a business.  Therefore, ignore them.  They won’t make your business better so no need to try and please them.  People are always going to try and find fault with things you do but as long as you stay true to who you are, you will attract the audience you are trying to target.  Be proud of what you stand for and don’t let nay sayers get you down.


  • Seeing photos of your friends’ dinners they just made.- Wow, you’re eating? That’s awesome. (if they’re a chef it’s a different story). Promoting a meal at a local café or restaurant that you want to plug is always amazing.
  • Business owners posting about rude clients.- Do you actually think this is going to win you more business? Instead of posting something negative, turn it into a positive by explaining why your service differs from others.
  • Taking to social media and ranting about a friend/acquaintance that just ticked you off and saying that they’re childish.–  Really? As if posting about it makes you more of an adult. If you’re an adult, treat the situation like an adult and deal with it head on instead of looking for your circle of friends’ validation and comments to make you feel better. If the issue is small, why even worry about it? Brush it off and move on. If the person doesn’t enhance who you are then who cares. Surround yourself with intelligent, good people who have the same values as you.
  • Seeing posts that are vague to make you ask the person what’s wrong. – This is just a cry for attention. If you’re having a bad day, call up/text your closest friends and vent. After all, those are the people that matter most.
  • Comment wars – Refer to the 3rd This is also called bullying which, let’s be honest, should never happen. Most of us went through this in high school over ICQ and MSN Messenger, why does it need to continue into adulthood? Are we not busy enough with jobs and families?
  • Half naked selfies.- Being in the fitness industry I follow a lot of professionals and notice some post these types of selfies on a regular basis. It’s awesome they have worked so hard for their body but you don’t need to flaunt it on social media. It doesn’t come off as motivating after the 10th
  • Unflattering selfies or low resolution photos to promote your business. – If you’re serious about your business take the time to get your photos done professionally.  You’ll hold more credibility when it comes to new clients seeking your services.
  • Posting about how many likes your business page has. – I’m going to let you in a social media secret.  It doesn’t matter how many likes your page has.  If those ‘likes’ aren’t engaging with your posts then they aren’t seeing what you have to offer them.  Top social media guru’s will all tell you the same thing.  Whether you have 200 or 1000 people that like your page if all 200 people are commenting, liking and sharing your posts that ranks higher then if 200 people are commenting, liking and sharing on the page that has 1000 likes.

Do you agree with these?  Which other points would you add?


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