Think you need all of the fancy equipment a commercial gym membership provides you?  Nope!  Not only is it too large to fit in an average sized home, it’s crazy expensive.  Most cardio machines will run you over $2000 and same goes for the weight machines.  Who has that kind of money?  I know I don’t.  That is why my home gym consists of small, but effective, pieces of inexpensive equipment.  I can get a full body workout on a small budget and so can you.  How?  With my recommendations, I guarentee you will get a very effective workout.  You may even want to cancel that $50/month gym membership.  Not only will an in home gym save you money, but it will save you travel time too.  I know some of you enjoy taking classes and keeping a membership at a commercial gym is ok.  I’m not trying to knock them down as there are many great benefits of belonging to a fitness centre.  My goal is to give you the flexibility of either working out at the fitness centre or at home.  So here is my awesome list of must-have equipment.


Stands for both sides up meaning you can use either the blue side or the black side.  You can perform a lot of great exericses on the bosu.  Training your ankle inverters and everters by standing on it, to working your core is just the beginning of what this baby can do.  A guarenteed ‘feel it on your 1st rep’ piece of equipment.  One of the pricier pieces of equipment on the list, the bosu goes for about $130.



Gliding Discs

I am a huge fan of these portable discs.  they make every body weight exercise so much harder.  Your body constantly stays in a closed kinetic chain as your feet or hands are not given the ability to leave the ground.  Attacks your core like no other.  For an inexpensive $20 (or less) you can’t get a better product.  Beats doing crunches or working out on weight machines any day. 



Resistance Tubing

Again, very inexpensive and is the best bang for your buck in terms of having the ability to perform multiple exercises.  Each band has a different difficulty level so the cost will vary based on that.  Can go as cheap as $8 and upwards of $16 this portable band is great for travelling.  Then you really have no excuse that you couldn’t fit in a workout.  Fits right in your carry on luggage and gives you the freedom to workout in your hotel room.  you’ll never have to work out in the dull and dingy hotel workout room again.



Stability Ball

I’m sure you know exactly what this is.  Stability balls (or swiss balls) have been around for a very long time.  A lot of schools and offices have now adopted this piece of equipment in replacement of chairs.  The rolling motion allows for a smooth execution and again allows you to target your core.  Going for about $30 you’ll roll on the floor laughing (like the pun?) at how many ways you can utilize this piece of equipment.




Medicine Ball

These weighted balls create resistance and are more funcitonal then using dumbbells.  Ranging in weight, I would personall recommend the heavier balls.  After all, you want the most bang for your buck so you may as well make the exercise challenging.



To create exercise programs with these toys, Fizzique is always an e-mail away.