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Think about this ladies: For 9 months you get to grow this little miracle inside of you. You have the amazing experience of feeling them kick and having that bond before anyone else does. There’s also the flipside where you feel as large as a house and everything you wear looks like a muumuu. But let’s not lose focus of the positives. Feeling good while pregnant can sometimes be unavoidable but why not try to help it along. Whether you worked out prior to becoming pregnant or were sedentary, exercise can be good for you….especially for labor, delivery and recovery. *

First and foremost you want to make sure you feel good and that the baby isn’t in distress. Your body will tell you when it needs to slow down or stop and when you can push yourself that extra bit. Walking outside, housework (with green products), weight training swimming and yoga are all great practices while pregnant.

Benefits of being active while pregnant:

  • Improves the strength of your pelvic floor muscles (kegels will help)
  • Prepare for childbirth
  • Easier to bounce back (recovery, weight loss, etc)
  • Improve posture as best as you can with your changing body
  • Improved health for you and baby
  • Better weight control at your checkups
  • Maintain a healthy heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improves your sleep

Things to be aware of:

  • Flexibility-Relaxin, a hormone released from the body to allow the uterus to grow and loosen things up a bit down there to ease the baby’s passage through the birth canal, is great for this reason but will also loosen other muscles up too. Be careful when you’re stretching or doing a yoga class as the body will be able to stretch further than it could pre-pregnancy which can lead to injuries.
  • Your diet- Just because you’ll be gaining weight anyways doesn’t give you a free ticket to eat what you want. Remember your baby is eating too and doesn’t require the amount of food you think they need. You may be eating for 2 but you’re not eating for 2 full size humans. Watch your portions and make healthy choices. Throw a cheat day in there as well so you can enjoy your favorite snack but don’t make a habit of it. Just be cautious of what you’re putting in your mouth. And those late night cravings? Chances are you’re eating the wrong food during the day which is what’s making you hungry at 2am. Fill up on veggies, fruits and protein during the day so you’re kept full and not waking hubby up to go and get take-out.
  • Health of the baby- If your Dr tells you to scale back then listen to what he/she says. No matter how you feel always listen to your Dr. They generally know best and have a better scope of what’s going on inside of you from tests and ultrasounds.
  • Second Trimester position-Once you hit the second trimester you should not lay down flat on your back unless you have some support under your right side. Laying down flat can cut off oxygen to the baby and place the baby in distress. Roll a small towel or place a pillow under the right side of your lower back so it tilts you to the left. This will nourish the baby and give it everything it needs while you lay on your back. If you would prefer not to lay on your back sit in a semi-prone position with some support behind you.

Here’s a sample program you can do while pregnant. If you feel any discomfort stop immediately. If you don’t have weights, use filled water bottles or cans.

Exercise Reps Sets
Incline push-ups 15 2
lunges 15 ea. 2
Single sided narrow bench row 15 ea. 2
Lateral raise 15 2
Bicep curls 15 2
Single sided bench tricep kickback 15 2


Don’t be afraid of a little exercise. There are a ton of benefits with even the smallest amount of activity.  And to leave you off, here’s a photo of me 29 weeks pregnant with my son.  He’s now 2 1/2.


Have a fit day,

Alexis Talledes-owner, certified personal trainer (CSEP-CPT) and fitness instructor (CanFitPro-FIS)


*consult your Doctor to ensure its ok for you to start/continue a workout routine while pregnant.


I took to facebook and asked what my next blog post should be about because I was drawing a blank on what to write next. A mom in one of the facebook groups I belong to said that she would like to learn about finding ways to exercise with babies in tow. I think this is a fabulous topic. I recently posted about how to exercise on your own and how to progress from being sedentary post baby to actually following a workout routine.

Now the simple solution would be to go for a walk. It’s great when the weather wants to co-operate (still waiting for the spring weather to arrive) but what do you do if you’re stuck indoors? You can definitely take your walking routine to a mall and create a circuit for yourself. Go for a few laps on the upstairs level, take the elevator down and continue for a couple more laps on the downstairs level. Now that’s an easy way to get in your cardio but what about your muscle conditioning routine?

There are many ways to incorporate your kids into your conditioning routine based on their ages. Easiest would be when they’re sleeping however, our days are forever changing and if they don’t feel like going down for a nap or napping in short increments, then it could become a bit challenging. I’m going to show you different ways to interact and fit in a workout with your kids at every stage.


This is the easiest stage because most of the time they just lay there on their back. Plus they will love the one on one time with you. They’ll examine your face and will giggle so much when you keep getting closer and further away or will fall asleep when you start moving around…just beware of those sharp nails coming up in your face when they try to grab you. J

Place your baby down on the ground and hover over top of them to perform 20 push-ups (from your knees). Keep in the same position and hold a plank (hold for 30 seconds from your knees or toes). Remain in the same position again for all fours core control (table top position extending opposite arm and leg).

Next, stand up and hold your baby 1 of 3 ways depending on their head control and strength (or if they have just eaten….don’t want to have to stop your workout routine to clean up spit up).

1. Hold them upright in your arms close to your body.

2. Place them in a sling or carrier so you’re hands free

3. Hold them in your hands upright so you can move them up and down.

Perform a squat using 1 of the 3 options above. For #3 you would move the baby down to the ground (feet first) when you squat down and move the baby back up when you stand back up with your arms ending in line with your shoulders.

Perform a lunge with the same 3 options. Ensure your upper body remains straight and doesn’t fall forward when you perform the down phase of the lunge. In other words, don’t allow your chest to get close to your thigh.

Lay on your back and sit your baby on your tummy while supporting them with your thighs (bend your knees with feet on the ground). Hang onto their hands and perform a situp. If you feel that your neck starts to hurt find a focal point (such as your babes face) and ensure to keep breathing.


This may be a bit trickier since they are fully moving around at this time but there are still ways around this. If they are just over 1 years old they more than likely won’t understand you if you ask them to workout with you. For older toddlers/kids this is completely doable. If you’re able to bring them to the park there are tons of ways to get a workout in while interacting with your child. While they’re running around, pump out a few push-ups against some type of horizontal bar. You don’t have to be flat on the ground to complete a push-up. Incline push-ups may feel a bit easier but they are just as effective. Just add on a couple more reps than you normally would so you can feel some sort of resistance.

To get a great leg workout get into a lunge position while pushing your kids on a swing. With one foot in front of the other you’ll be able to get power to push the swing and fit in a lunge at the same time. Once you’ve built up a bit momentum for them on the swing, get into your lunge position and go down every time they get away from you.

Fun ways to get them to interact would to play some fun games. You can make up a story that you’re on a lake standing on a rock and you have to hop from one to the next so you don’t fall in. Work your way across the room and back again. If you have a couple of kids you can create a type of relay race where you participate with them. This could be done in the house or in your backyard.

When working out you always want to start with the larger muscles and work to the smaller muscles. This is why in the infant section I have it set up with abs last. You don’t want to tax the muscles that are used for supporting you in other exercises.

Another option to getting fit with your baby would be to find a local mom and baby fitness class and participate in that. Keep up to date with current events in your community.

Have a fit day!

Alexis Gradini Advanced Diploma FLMP, CSEP-CPT, CanFitPro-FIS, CPR, First-Aid
Twitter: @TrainFizzique
Facebook Page: Fizzique Personal Training

Was it easy for you to go for a walk?  With our nicer weather just around the corner it will make it easier to get outside with your little one(s) and be active.  If you’ve started your walking routine then great!  If you haven’t yet, stick with my guidelines from the 1st blog post before starting the following routine.

Now that you’re familiar with walking, you can start implementing some muscle conditioning exercises.  If you’re thinking, I don’t have any equipment at home to do this, don’t fret.  The best weight you can use is your own.  I am a big believer in doing body weight exercises because after all, your muscles need to hold yourself up all day.  This is also something your kids can join in as well.  Body weight exercises are not harmful to growing kids…it’s weight lifting that isn’t good for them.  Everyone should be able to lift their own body weight; especially when we get older.  It’s a great tool kit to have for days when you don’t have any equipment around.  Here are a few simple exercises you can start right now.


I think I just heard a bunch of your groan right now but push-ups are one of the best exercises out there.  Not only are they meant to work your chest but they include every other muscle in your body; core, legs and arms all working synergistically to keep you stabilized.


  • Start with your feet together and hands shoulder width apart (if going from your toes is too challenging, drop to your knees)
  • Ensure you’re body is completely straight from your toes/knees right to your head (you shouldn’t look like a table top and have your bum up)
  • Inhale as you lower and bring your chest towards the ground.  Make sure not to drop the head as this will cut off your air flow.  An easy tip to keep your head up is to look just ahead of you.  If you’re using a mat, look at the edge of the mat.
  • Exhale and extend back up at a steady pace.  You have now just complete 1 rep.



These are something you can do during commercial breaks.  Working your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, you are sure to feel this the next day when you try to walk up or down the stairs.


  • Stand in front of a couch or chair with your feet hip width apart.
  • Inhale as you lower your bum towards the couch/chair, but don’t sit down.  Make sure to stick your bum back.  This will prevent the knees from going past your toes which can put extra strain on your knee joints.
  • Exhale and push yourself back up using only your legs.  Ensure that your knees remain in line with your hips and ankles.  You do not want the knees falling in towards each other as this will also put strain on the knee joints.
  • Tip: make sure you lower from your bum and not your chest.  You do not want your chest to fall towards your thighs.  Keep it upright.



Similar to push-ups except you’re holding your entire body in a static position.  This exercise works your core, legs, back, chest and arms.


  • Start with your feet hip width apart (up on your toes) and your elbows shoulder width apart (up on your forearms).
  • Keep your entire body straight with these cues:
    • Engage your quads by pulling them up towards your hips
    • Keep your hips in alignment with the rest of your body.  Don’t allow your hips to go up into a triangular shape
    • Keep your belly button pulled in towards your spine
    • Life your ribs so they aren’t hanging towards the ground
    • Keep up tall on your forearms so you aren’t slumping down into your shoulders
    • Keep your shoulders out of your ears.
    • Keep your head in alignment with the rest of your body.  Don’t let it hang low; keep your gaze just ahead of you to ensure your airway stays open.
    • Maintain your breathing throughout the entire exercise.  Try to hold this for 30 seconds and gradually increase the time the easier it becomes.


All 4’s core control

Another core exercise but primarily for the lower back.  This exercise takes balance and core control.


  • Start with your knees, hip width apart and directly under your hips and your hands shoulder width apart and directly under your shoulders so you look like a table top.
  • Before making any movements, turn your core muscles on by pulling the belly button in and stabilizing the ribs.
  • Exhale and extend the opposite arm and leg until they are straight out in front and behind you.  Do not lift them higher than parallel to the ground.
  • Hold for a couple of seconds to ensure you have balance.
  • Inhale and lower the limbs back down to rest under your hip and shoulder.
  • Repeat on the opposite side.

all 4's core control

Now that you have a basic workout, try rotating through these 2x per week.  Guaranteed to have more energy and become stronger.  Also, don’t leave your walking behind.  This is a great way to get out with other mom’s and chit chat on an adult level.  Plus, with the nicer weather coming (we’re finally out of all of that snow) there’s no excuse to stay indoors anymore.  The fresh air will not only clear your mind and make you feel refreshed for the rest of the day, but it will calm your baby and give them some nice scenery other than your 4 walls.

Have a fit day!

Alexis Gradini Advanced Diploma FLMP, CSEP-CPT, CanFitPro-FIS, CPR, First-Aid
Twitter: @TrainFizzique
Facebook Page: Fizzique Personal Training

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