As a trainer you see all kinds of workouts in the gym.  Some are from an old school of thought and some you can tell keep with the current trends and constantly change up their routine.  Whether you like training on machines only or prefer functional movements you should always be creating a periodized program (A program that is constantly changing and advancing you to your desired goal). 

This article from the Globe and Mail states that machines shouldn’t be used all that often in your workouts.  I definitely agree with the author’s opinion that you can gain a better functional workout by utilizing dumbbells and your own body weight but sometimes you do need to rely on weight machines to get an effective workout for a specific body part.  The author goes on to say that machines should be used with novice individuals and rehabing an injury.  I completely agree with this statement and use this theory when training my clients. 

Machines tend to take away the true amount of weight you’re lifting.  For example, if you think you’re pushing 100 lbs on the chest press, you’re probably really only pushing about 75% of that weight.  This is due to the placement of the pulley’s.  That’s not to say, don’t do a chest press.  There ae still benefits to the machine as it will keep you in proper form but if you are treading on the intermediate-advanced workout then you may want to try and use the chest press less often and start using free weights or even performing push-ups.  That way you are targetting the smaller stabilizing muscle groups which will in turn help with balance and make you all around stronger. 

Some people may think that funcitonal training is just for athletes as it’s a type of training that is specific to the movements of their sport.  You walk right?  And sometimes have the change directions quickly?  What if you’re a garbage man person or a window washer.  You have specific movements you need to perform on a daily basis too, right?  Why not include functional training in your routine.  As you can see, functional training is for everybody.  So don’t think, ‘it’s not for people like me’ or ‘it intimidates me so I’ll stick to machines’.  Again, functional training is for everyone. 

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