Over the last 2 months we ran a virtual challenge called Extreme Fizzique where teams had to earn points for various things.  If you were following along on social media you would’ve seen our teams posting their videos and photos of them exercising, their healthy meals and the most recent posts of them completing the Xtreme Performance Challenge.  If you missed it you can catch up on the past 2 months by searching #xtremefizzique.

The teams were so competitive which made it fun for me to virtually watch.  They were always curious as to how they could earn more.  The point system seemed to be a great tracking method for them to see their progress.  They were also asked to track their activity through MyFitnessPal. This included trying to achieve 10,000 steps every day.  We don’t realize how little we move until we have to track it.  The participants certainly noticed they had to work hard on some days to achieve this.  Some of them even went out at night to try and achieve the last hundred-thousand steps.  That’s dedication and holding themselves accountable to their commitment of the challenge.

Without further delay, here is the winning team of the challenge with a whopping 14,757 points!


Congratulations to VictoriousMamas for winning the $200 cash prize!

The challenge wouldn’t have been successful without the participation of the other teams.  Thank you to everyone who showed up on social media and MyFitnessPal and really embraced the challenge.

The final standings for all of the teams are:

Suicides Squad 5675
Thick and Thin 8395
VictoriousMamas 14757
ADAZ 3300
FitHunters 280

Suicides Squad won for best team name and VictoriousMamas crossed the finish line first in the Xtreme Performance Challenge.  They ran the entire way which is what made them finish 20 minutes before their time allotment.
I’m really looking forward to running another challenge like this in the future.  It was so much fun and witnessing the changes all of the participants made to their lifestyle was so rewarding.