Wrist trackers, chest strap heart rate monitors, smart watches.  These are the future of the fitness industry.  We know that you like to see numbers and progress and wearable technology helps to keep you on track.  If you’ve been to the boutique gym Orangetheory Fitness you would have experienced the visual aspect of the workout which is seeing which heart rate zone you’re working in.  Other facilities are starting to adopt this way of training because it’s motivating.

So, to help our clients achieve even greater results we have started using heart rate monitors in our personal training sessions.   This helps me to know my clients even better and to help them train smarter. It’s not always about how hard you train but how well we train our hearts. So many workouts are about going as hard as you can to the point where you feel like you may vomit. At Fizzique we know that everyone’s fitness level is different and that training harder could potentially put your heart at risk. Now that we can track our clients heart rates we can help them train even smarter than they already were. Our programming just keeps getting better and better because we want you to get better and better. 


These heart rate monitors are individualized and help the client work within their max heart rate zones. Each zone is tailored to the individual and as a coach, I can track everyone’s progress through an app.  Alternatively, my clients can wear these when they workout on their own to keep track of how long they are working in each zone just by downloading the app.

Train harder? NO! Train smarter!! 🤔

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