Often times I hear negative talk. I hate my stomach, I hate my legs, I hate my hips…etc. Treat eating healthy and working out like a part time job and you’ll start to notice results. Plan your meals and book appointments for your workouts. So many times we get on with our day and by the time we think about doing a workout it’s 9pm and you’re ready for bed. 
Often times too I see posts saying, if I don’t see results quickly I get discouraged. Sometimes it’s not just about the number on the scale. There are so many goals you can set for yourself besides a target weight. How about being able to do a specific exercise, or running 5K. Celebrate your small accomplishments instead of focusing on your end result. You’ll end up driving yourself crazy and potentially being discouraged and then stopping all together. What sets fit and healthy people apart from unhealthy people comes down to a few things: will power, acknowledgement that they need help or appointments in their calendar in order to do their workout (ie. Personal trainer or fitness class) and prepping a week in advance what your meals and workout schedule will be like (plan, plan, plan). Nothing happens over night and it is not normal to see gigantic results in a week or so. Generally if a program has you drop around 6-10lbs in the first week it’s not a program that will help to keep the weight off. Chances are you will gain it all back and then some more because most programs cut your calories a ton and you end up basically starving your body. Then when you get off the plan and start eating real food again you end up gaining it back and then some because your body will hold onto the extra calories because it doesn’t know when you’re going to “starve” it again. Stop doing quick fixes and start PLANNING!!!! Focus on your small successes throughout your journey and have fun. Make small changes every week or so to get you to your end result. Don’t just jump in doing 5 days/week of workouts when you have been sedentary for a few years. Gradually get back into it. You’ll notice greater results if you focus on 1 small change at a time then trying to change everything at once. 

Small progressions=success

To get you started on your journey I would like to offer you this free motivational image that you can share with your friends, use as your computer, tablet or phone wallpaper.

Once you can stop putting yourself down for all of your “imperfections”, creating a realistic goal plan and focusing on your small accomplishments will you truly start to be happy, positive and see results. 

Have a fit day!