I know you’re dying to find out what this miracle program is.  Have you tried a ton of classes, purchased a gym membership, set new goals every Monday that you’re going to stick with your new program only to be left with an empty bank account and no results?  This is such a common trend and for some reason, we think that the second or third time we try to commit to the same program things will be different.  I hate to burst your bubble but it will likely end the same way.  You’ll be awesome from Monday to Wednesday and then you’ll fall off the bandwagon on Thursday with your new eating plan, make excuses that you don’t have time to get to your destination for your workout or worse, put off doing it in your own home.  If you’re not willing to fully commit yourself to this new lifestyle and surround yourself with positive, motivating and uplifting people, then sadly, you’ll be running in circles.

So why do we keep yo-yo dieting and exercising?  It’s simple.  Society has become transfixed on quick fixes and seeing results instantly.  I personally don’t understand how this has gotten so out of hand with all of the scientific research we now have at our finger tips but we are hung up on trends; the newest fad diet, product or workout.  Do you want the raw honest truth?  They are fads for a reason.  Sure you’ll see results but they aren’t teaching you to make a true lifestyle change.  To truly make a change in your body, whether it’s to have more energy, lose weight, gain weight or just feel healthy, you need time.  It’s a process.  There is no such thing as a quick fix or miracle product out there.  You’re wasting your money (like that depleted bank account I mentioned at the beginning) and it’s now going to take you twice as long to gain permanent results because chances are you’re just going to lose all of your progress.  Nothing beats good ‘ol proper nutrition and exercise.  Stop buying into gimmicks and start educating yourself on how to reach your goal safely and correctly.

Now that I’ve got your attention, here is the ONLY exercise program that will get you the best results.  It’s the one that makes you excited to get out the door.  Sure there are amazing workouts that provide people with amazing results but it may not be the right fit for you.  The best workout you can do is one that you enjoy.  So ask yourself this.  What do you LOVE to do?  Do you like to dance, ride a bike, be in a class environment where you feed off of everyone’s energy or even workout with a trainer?  Whatever it is that keeps you going back, that’s the BEST workout that will give you results.  As long as you enjoy it and look forward to attending then that’s what you need to stick with.  Most people need an appointment in their calendar to hold themselves accountable so book your class, lesson, meet-up with a friend into your schedule to ensure you attend.  The more of a routine it becomes the less likely you’ll fall off the bandwagon and lose all of the amazing progress you just gained.  And when in doubt, if you have a question or have plateaued with your progress, seek the assistance of a health professional.  They will be able to offer you valuable tips that fit your lifestyle to keep you motoring ahead.