With no class tonight we need to eat extra healthy today. Farm fresh green beans. Everything from the farm has more flavour then anything store bought. I love summer farmers markets. Remember everything you eat is a choice. You could choose to have non-balanced meal or you could choose to add a ton of veggies or fruits to your meal. Freedom of choice is a great thing so don’t sabotage it by choosing something you’ll regret. Rose regrets end up being paired with unhappiness which leads to excuse after excuse as to why you can’t do something. Peoples intent to lose weight is usually accompanied by a list long of excuses. I don’t have time to make healthy meals. Meal prep is very simple as long as you clear your schedule for an hour or two. Pre wash and cut all veggies, freeze meals and make a weekly or monthly menu so you know which groceries to shop for and what you’re making. Taking that bit of extra time in the morning or evening to prep for the week or month is all it takes for successful weight loss. 

What healthy choice are you making today?