Shantelle is the owner of MsFit Designs and is extremely busy filling orders into the wee hours of the night.  Between that and juggling 2 kids she still finds time for herself.  Shantelle joined our Mission:Slimpossible challenge back in January  and lost 3 lbs, 2.5% body fat and 6.75 total inches!  She has participated on and off in our classes for the past 2 years. Here is her story:

I am a busy mother or two, a wife and business owner and for many years I put the needs of my family and business before myself. It all started two years ago when I decided I needed a change a big change. I still had 40 pounds of baby weight to lose, was super tired all the time and just really unhappy with myself. Over the years I have tried the gym, local classes around town, yoga, you name it I’ve tried it and nothing was working. I found Alexis on Facebook and decided to give her classes a try. Two years later and I have lost over 20 pounds and feel amazing! I think her classes are great, they are always challenging, fun and full of such great women. I was also very happy with how Alexis was super informative and helpful whenever you had a question.

This year I decided to try the Slimpossible challenge and I have been unbelievably happy with the results and the meal plan. The meals where super tasty, easy to prepare and of course really healthy.
I am definetly one happy customer! Thanks Alexis for bringing my sexy back 🙂