Are you interested in hiring a personal trainer or participating in a fitness class?  Know who’s training you before committing.  You have the right to ask your trainer what their training background is.  Here’s a guide to help you formulate some questions when researching for a fitness professional.

  • Credentials: You don’t have a degree in exercise science, and you don’t need one.  That’s one of the reasons you’re hiring your trainer in the first place.  Make sure he/she is certified to be doing so.  Your trainer should be able to readily present their credentials and their credentials should come from a recognized body of exercise science such as CSEP or NCSM.  there are several other licensing bodies.  The industry standard however, is shifting more towards advanced degrees or diplomas.  Weekend courses, although convenient, do not always produce the best trainers.
    • When you know your trainer has a fitness degree or diploma you can feel more at east that you won’t get injured.  trainers that have gone to school for fitness or exercise science have been taught how to train special populations (cardiac patients, seniors, pre/post natal) and how to treat injuries.
    • CSEP is a national certification which can only be obtained by having gone to school for fitness or exercise science.  This is why this certification is more prestigious then the weekend courses that are out there.  Now a days anyone can go and get a training certificate by attending a 2 day course.  Know who you’re hiring and feel safe working out by hiring someone with the proper training and experience.  Not only will trainers with the schooling background be able to prevent injury but they will prescribe a program that is tailored to your every need.  No 2 programs will be the same amongst all of their clients because creating programs is a science.
  • Lower prices doesn’t always mean better quality.  Think of you body as a car.  Investing in a car that’s a bit more expensive, like a Mercedes-Benz, will likely come with a better safety rating, sleeker look and last you longer without any repairs.  If you want to be injury free, have a rocking body and make your body last as long as it can then you will have a greater return on investment.
  • Regardless what type of class you participate in, you should always be led by an instructor who is certified and covered by insurance. There are many times people think that because they have a love for fitness that they can just teach people how to exercise. It’s not as easy as that. Chances are the individual hasn’t been educated on how the human body works, how to deal with injuries and how to prevent them from happening. What works for them doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. Put your mind at ease knowing you’re covered if anything happens to you. There are so many options from community to commercial to private fitness classes. Choose one that works best for your lifestyle but make sure you keep those 2 things in mind; that the instructor is certified and carries their own insurance or is covered under a company’s insurance plan. Don’t overlook these 2 points just because a class is free or the person is your friend. Injuries happen all of the time and your instructor needs to be educated enough to modify exercises if needed.
  • Committing to a set amount of sessions holds you accountable for making it to as many sessions as you can.  Drop in programs/pay as you go set you up for failure because when you aren’t committed to a schedule you’re more likely to make excuses not to attend.  Keeping motivated to attend each week create a habit for a lifetime of success.
  • If a trainer has proper equipment that they can bring to you, then you know they have taken the time to invest in their business.  workouts are meant to be fun and to be educational allowing you to fully understand how amazing your body adapts and functions.
  • When choosing a class pick one that is results driven. There is a reason successful classes are set up in blocks. It’s to ensure you stay committed and see results.  Any class that says you can use your sessions whenever you want, lacks structure to their program. They don’t have your best interest at heart and are setting you up for failure.  Reaching your goals can only be achieved by following a regimented program.