Today I had to ride on the TTC (for  those who don’t know what that is, it’s the underground subway system we have in Toronto) and noticed that when people stand they are constantly having to find their balance; so I thought I would write about how to properly stand (and get a workout) while on the subway.  Did you know there’s a proper way to stand?  Check out these tips.

Tip #1

Stand sideways and place your feet hip width apart or slightly wider.  I see so many people forward facing (ie. facing the same way the train is traveling) and I know sometimes it’s unavoidable when it’s really crowded, but when it’s not, stand sideways.  You’ll have better balance.  Think of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc.  You wouldn’t stand with the board width wise to ride down the hill or road because you a) wouldn’t go anywhere and b) would fall over.

Tip #2

Bend your knees slightly.  This will give you a better center of gravity and allow you to react quicker if you do get thrown of balance.

Tip #3

Engage your core.  Pull your pelvic floor muscles up, contract your glutes and pull your belly button in.  Don’t forget about engaging your quads too!


So how exactly are you getting a workout?  By isometric contraction.  Engaging your core in all that you do will create better posture, stronger balance and will make you less susceptible to injuries. 

Now you’re ready to ride the rocket!