There was an interesting article that I saw on my Facebook news feed regarding CrossFit’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’.  Naturally I had to read this as all you ever hear about now a days is CrossFit and how the workouts are intense, WOD’s and the WOD challenges that go on across the world.  Ever since Reebok started promoting and advertising CrossFit it boomed.  CrossFit was around for many years before Reebok ever put their name on it but funny what a multi-million dollar company can do for a brand.  =)

I know many people that participate in CrossFit and they rave about the workouts.  I even spoke to someone at my gym this morning about it and the concept of the workouts.  I’m not here to bash CrossFit at all….I think it’s a great workout and gives people that extra little push to challenge themselves and compliment their existing workouts.  My philosophy is, as long as people are taking pride in their bodies keeping it as healthy as they can, then you’re headed in the right direction.

I think this article is based on 1 location where maybe the owner or trainers aren’t as educated as some other locations.  As we all know personal trainers vary from person to person.  This is based on their training techniques, knowledge of the human body, kinetics, injuries, etc.  The same will be true for CrossFit coaches.  Not all coaches will be educated enough to tell their participants, “you know, maybe you should lighten your weight by 5 lbs today”.  On the flip side, the participant needs to be aware of their own body and if they feel they can’t do something that day (due to a number of factors) then they should relay that to their coach.  Knowing your limit is huge and your coach should learn to know your limit as well.  Providing the best injury free and challenging workout you can as a coach means retention with your participants.

I think the message that should hit home with you is, research where you’re going to be training.  Ask the coaches what their certifications are.  Make sure the equipment is safe and not falling apart.  And, research yourself.  If your first workout ever is going to a CrossFit class, maybe that’s not the best start for you.  Take a few personal training sessions before starting a high intensity program so you can see what your challenges are and work on those before beginning a vigorous, military inspired workout.  Strength does not come overnight.  Bodybuilders don’t just go to the gym for 1 week and look like that….they work really hard to get where they are and just like the average person, you need to start somewhere too….and it probably isn’t CrossFit.  Everything takes baby steps.  You didn’t just hop in a car at 16 and get your license…you took lessons and road tests to be able to drive on your own.  The same applies for working out.  You need lessons first before you take your workouts into your own hands.  Hiring a trainer would be the best start and then you can go on your own and explore what is out there in the fitness world.  There are so many great options.  Don’t just go along with the latest fad, listen to your body and do what’s right for it.  After all, you only have 1 body so take the best care of it that you can.

For those that didn’t read the article, click here.