It’s our first mission once we deliver to drop the baby weight, right? Not as easy as it sounds though. Your body took 9 months to grow so it’s going to take some time to get back to pre-baby stage. I know some of you are probably thinking, but my friend was able to fit into her skinny jeans 1 month after delivering. Hate these people right? Keep in mind that everybody started out at different sizes pre-baby and everyone’s bodies changed in different ways while pregnant. So it’s natural for some women to drop the weight quickly while for others it may take a bit longer.

So how do you start getting in shape anyways? First, you need to wait 6 weeks post-delivery. Only until you have had this checkup with your OB can you start working out (as long as they have given you the green light to do so). Second, start walking. If you try and exercise by doing something that’s unattainable, chances are you will not stick with it. For example, if you were not taking part in any type of exercise pre-baby, don’t jump into a high intensity bootcamp class as your first type of exercise post-baby. Just as it took time for your body to grow, the same applies for your exercise routine. Start slow by walking and build on each week. Try to increase the amount of time you’re walking for or the pace at which you walk. And set goals for yourself. Ex. Today I walked for 20 minutes, and by the end of next week I am going to increase my walking time to 25 minutes instead of, today I walked for 20 minutes and by next week I’m going to run 5K. Setting small attainable goals are more realistic. If your ultimate goal is to run a 5K then you need to build to get there. Marathon runners didn’t just decide one day that they were going to run 5K and just did it. They built up to it too and eventually worked their way up to running a full marathon.

Once you have started back with a routine and maintained it, you can then start thinking about joining some local fitness classes or the gym. Many community centres offer baby sitting on site so this may be an option for you. Another option is to enroll in a mom and baby fitness class. There are many types of these class formats being offered in every area. It is one of the fastest growing trends and acts as a social group for all mommies in your area. You’re doing something for you while getting baby out to interact and bond in a fun and healthy way. After all, if you introduce activities and sports to your children at a young age, chances are they will beat the obesity odds. Not only will this help them with time management and organizational skills, but it will make them think that exercising is second nature and not a chore. Also, if they see you partaking in a fitness routine or suggesting a family hike instead of playing board games indoors, you are acting as a role model for them and showing that you are not lazy which will be more impactful on them as they grow up. Starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help enhance your outlook on life and how long you live. You only have 1 body so take extra good care of it.

Have a fit day!

Alexis Gradini Advanced Diploma FLMP, CSEP-CPT, CanFitPro-FIS, CPR, First-Aid
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