I’m back and with a new addition.  A handsome baby boy!!  Inspiration for this class came from him….and my other mommy friends.  It’s tough getting out with a little one, especially when it’s for yourself.  My *NEW* stroller bootcamp class will make taking care of your body SOOO much easier.  Come join us in Stouffville for a 45 minute workout and a social gathering with moms in the area.  Details are below and location is at the large park located just west of 10th line on Hoover Park.  Exact location is Sunnyridge Avenue and Raxlin Dr.  Can’t wait to see you there….and your little one too.  Oh, and if you have other little ones, feel free to bring them along for the workout free of charge.  No equipment needed, just a blanket or towel to execute floor exercises.  Don’t want to lug around a stroller?  Carry your little one in a carrier instead.