Circuit training is one the greatest ways to get in shape.  It not only combines all elements of a training program in 1 hour, but for the average person, who has a million and one things to do in a day, it is time efficient.  One of the many benefits trainers use a circuit program for is weight loss.  This style of training which includes weight training and cardio has been proven to shed the pounds because it maintains an elevated heart rate, gives you a full body workout and recommended cardio in a shorter amount of time, and constantly keeps you moving so you don’t have time to rest and chat in between your sets.  Here is a sample program that I would prescribe to an intermediate client. 

Make sure to complete a proper warm-up for approximately 5-7 minutes.

Exercise Reps/Sets Weight:
Stability Ball Push-ups  15/2
Scissor kick 20 each side/2
Walking Lunges 2 lengths of room/2
Shoulder Press standing on Bosu 15/2
Skipping 2:00 min/2
Single Leg Step-Up on bench 15 each leg/2
Stability Ball Tucks 20/2
Side Plank 45 sec each side/2
v-sit twist with weight 20 each side/2
Body weight row (on equalizers) 15/2
Moving V Sit 20 each side/2

Cooldown for approximately 5 minutes and stretch all muscles.