3 Tips ton Conquer Stress

Get Out of Debt Denial  Maxed out Mastercard?  Do the no-duh obvious: Meet with a financial planner.  According to a Virgina Tech study, those who received credit counseling saw their overall stress level move from “severe” or “overwhelming” to “moderate” or “low” 1 year later.

Rest Between Workouts  Overtraining can actuall ycause stress.  According to a report in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, excessive trainign elevates cytokine levels in the blood, which tells the brain to raise cortisol elvels, which tells you to freak out!

Make a Schedule  If the boss dumps a big project on you, try not to say, ” I can’t do this.  I’m gonna get fired.”  (Try particularly not to say this in front of your boss.)  Instead, present him with a schedule outlining when things can be done.  What was overwhelming is now under control and open to negotiation.