Do you find that you get bored with your fitness music; whether working out or teaching a class?  I do.  Especially if you have to teach a few classes in 1 day.  I wanted to start creating my own mixes but didn’t feel I had the time to count the beats to each song and then make sure it fits together with another song.  Then I cam across  I always look forward to seeing what new songs GymDJ has posted on his site which makes it easy for me to categorize the songs I need in order to teach my classes.  If you are in the same boat as me, then you will fall in love with this site too!  Expect approximately 3 songs per week, and the best thing; you can sign up for the newsletter in case you missed one of his posts.  Read on to learn more about and what we can expect from him in the future. 

1. Why did you create was created because I always workout with music and I like creating workout mixes. When I had the idea to put this website together I search the internet because I knew I wasn’t the first person with this idea. The problem I found was people would want you to buy an entire album that had a techno beat thrown over the original. I wanted to create a website where users can download a variety music, from a variety of credible websites and create a workout mix based on the science of what BPMs work best with exercises.

2. What role do you play in the fitness industry (outside of posting your song choices)?
My role in the fitness industry is a guy that likes to workout. I started really working out my sophomore year of college. I put on the standard freshman 15 and wanted it gone. So I hit the gym with my headphones, started eating better and tried to keep it up since college.

3. What is your favorite genre of music to workout to?
I really like pop, techno and remixes while working out, no matter what I’m doing. I tried listening to metal while lifting (I heard it was great for lifting), and I like metal, but I find that pop is what keeps me going.

4. What is one piece of advice you can give to fitness instructors when trying to find music to complement their class workout programs?
The advice I would give fitness instructors trying to find music for a class is to try and time the workout with the music. For instance, say you are in the middle of your class and you want to cool the class down a bit by walking in place before you jump back into the moves with hi intensity. I would try and time that with a breakdown in the music, right before the bass kicks back in.

5. You’re showing that you don’t have to purchase pre-made CDs  that cost a fortune. What are the steps someone would have to take in order to create their own mixes?
Some steps I take to create a workout mix are to:

a.     Know what you are going to do at the gym. Will you be lifting weights, just doing cardio, or a full routine?
b.     If you are doing cardio I would start off with a lower BPM, in the 100s, and then gradually increase the BPMs with your workout. Many times on the treadmill I will start by walking for 5 minutes before I start to run. For those 5 minutes I will have a song to get me pumped up then after that it’s songs to keep me pumped up.

If I go to the gym only to lift I will create a list that has higher BPMs, in the 130 – 170 range, and rock that the entire time.

c.     Try to create a mix that is equal to or longer than your workout plan.
6.   6. Will you be creating mixes with original artists for sale in the future? Will other fitness professionals be able to contact you in order to create their own personal mixes?
Original mixes are on the way with many of the songs posted on GymDJ (and a few songs not posted that I’ve saving for these mixes). I recently purchased some DJ gear that allows me to record my sets. The past couple of weeks I’ve been recording, trying new combinations and effects, and will publish that mix on soon. If a fitness pro is interested in a mix from GymDJ I’d be more than happy to create a mix for them based on their routine. In the future I would like to partner up with an aerobics/fitness instructor and spin and record live while they conducted the class.
If you have any questions for GymDJ, please send them to us and we will gladly pass them along.