I am super excited to be featuring Liz Smith as our first professional on our blog.  Liz is a wonderful, elated, motivational individual that not only puts me in a better mood every time i’m around her, but her energy also rubs off on her participants.  Liz is a certified Groove Instructor
Groove was brought to life by another amazing individual, Misty Tripoli.  I have had the pleasure of participating in both Misty and Liz’s classes and they are like no other.  When you’ve finished Grooving, you’re sweating, you feel like you just had so much fun, and you feel like a new person.  This format really helps individuals feel comfortable in their skin, explore themselves, and just have FUN!  After all, fitness is supposed to be about having fun, not being in pain to the point where you can’t walk the next day.

So, what is Groove?  Read below to find out what this amazing, fun and self-fulfilling fitness class is all about. 

Liz Smith-Groove Instructor

1) What is Grooving?

Groove classes are about bringing FUN and SIMPLICITY to dancing so that everyBODY feels successful and motivated to participate.

2) What fitness level is Grooving intended for?
EveryBODY and everyONE can groove.  Grooving is for every fitness level and every age group.

3) Where can someone attend your classes?
My groove classes are available in the High Park area or in Etobicoke near Lakeshore and Islington.

4) What is 1 benefit individuals can gain from Grooving?
There are so many benefits that individuals can gain from grooving, but the 1 I like the most is the smile that everyone has on there face during each class.  The FUN factor is an amazing feeling.

5) What sets Groove apart from other dance based classes?
What sets GROOVE apart is the fact that you do not need any dance experience.  Grooving allows participants to get fit, have fun and find your inner groove through movement to music.

6) Where in the world is Groove offered?
Groove classes are offered all around the world.  You can find a class by simply checking the Groove website.

7) Why do you love teaching Groove?
I love teaching Groove classes because of the way it makes me feel.  I love seeing the joy participants have during each and every class.  There is no other class like it in the world.
If you have any questions for Liz, please send them to us and we will gladly pass them along.