Again, I decided to consult Google for more fitness clothing from around the world and came across a fantastic and colourful line made in Montreal, Quebec.  The brand is called Ice Cream Fitness Apparel.  Cute name right?  The clothing is even cuter and is a healthy alternative to the snack.  Check out these photos highlighting the different styles and fabric “flavours” they offer.

 If you would like to check them out a bit more, please visit their website.  This is sold in a few stores in Quebec but you can definitely order online (selection is limited).  The prices are equivalent or better than Lululemon (depending on what you choose).

Why choose ice cream?

•You will delight to the fact that your clothing items will be personalized to an exact fit.
•You will feel more confident, sexy and invigorated by choosing to wear our ‘women-inspired’ fitness apparel designs.
•You will love how people notice your unique and attractive workout wear.
•You will amaze at our selection of ever-changing fabric ‘flavours’ and will take pride in wearing a one of a kind creation.
•You will love our classic designs which will never go out of style and will stay fashionable for many years to come.
•You will appreciate our premium fabrics and materials and adore your clothing for its comfort and ease of care.