Sun Salutation

Have you always wanted to start yoga but feel you aren’t flexible enough or don’t know where to start?  Follow this simple wheel to guide yourself through 1 round of sun salutations.  This will help you feel a little more comfortable with performing the sequence.  Once you gain some confidence, try purchasing a yoga DVD attending a few classes in your area or hiring a personal yoga instructor to come to your house.  I recommend Vanessa Petronelli owner of Open Heart-Open Mind. 

My personal view on hot yoga
Hot yoga is great if you have full body awareness and know your muscles limits.  For first time participants, this is not where you want to start.  Hot yoga keeps your muscles warm allowing your body to be brought through it’s full range of motion, however, bringing your joints past their normal range of motion is not safe.  There have been many instances where individuals have been injured due to hot yoga.  I have personally tried both regular yoga in a studio and hot yoga and can say that your body does get warmed up very nicely from studio yoga.  I found when I was involved with hot yoga, i was too preoccupied with wiping my sweat as opposed to really getting into the pose and feeling the full effect of it.  If you are a beginner, changes are unaware of your body’s limits and capabilities.  Any form of workout has to begin with baby steps.  Starting small and building up to something advanced is something we should all think about when starting any new activity for the first time.  You wouldn’t go and run a marathon if you have never run a 5K or 10K before, so why would you put your body through motions it has never performed?