Tribute to Wrestling

I know, I’m a big nerd…I enjoy watching WWE & TNA.  I never used to watch it but when I met my husband, he’s the one that really turned me onto the shows.  Everybody should really give this sport a chance to really see how athletic these people really are.  The high flyers are my favorite.  The tricks they perform are so mind-boggling it makes you want to take up the sport.

A few of the men and women from each organization have branched off with a music career and I would like to showcase that these individuals are not just amazing in the ring, but out too.  Plus, their songs are very motivating to workout too.  I will first list my 5 favorite songs that have been written by the star and will then list my 5 favorite entrance themes.  The entrance themes are very usable for a workout too.

Wrestler’s Personal Music Career Songs:

1) Mickie James-Are you With Me

2) Maria Kanellis-Fantasty

3) Fozzy-Enemy

4) R-Truth-What’s Up

5) Lillian Garcia-Quiero Vivvir

Entrance Themes:

1) Edge

2) Randy Orton

3) Rey Mysterio

4) Kofi Kingston-

5) John Cena