Do you like to dance when you hear a great song?  Would you prefer to move to the beat of your own drum as opposed to a choreographed piece?  If you answered Yes, Dance Grooves is for you.  There are many certified instructors around the world that will get you grooving.  The greatest location for Toronto is Fit2Dance
Groove was created by an amazing talent in the fitness industry; Misty Tripoli.  Her unique format has impacted many instructors and participants around the globe.  I remember taking one of her sessions at the Can Fit Pro conference and she had a lot of people in tears by the end.  Her class is not only about moving to fantastic music, but about soul searching.  Groove teaches you to move the way that you want to move.  If you ever have the opportunity to participate in one of her classes at a conference, I highly recommend making Misty’s class your first choice.   

As instructors we are always trying to find new, upbeat music to play for our participants. We are always on the hunt for something fresh that will keep our participants motivated. I highly recommend aleesiamusic. Aleesia is an indie artist from Toronto!!! I have personally had the pleasure of watching her grow up into a stunning and talented young woman and cannot wait to see what other hits she will breakout with. Aleesia is a motivated and goal oriented artist that shines through all of the other monotonous songs you hear every hour. When her songs come on, they are refreshing and just make you want to dance. You can purchase her songs on iTunes and can hear her daily on Virgin Radio 99.9, 104.5 Chum FM and Z103.5. Also, subscribe to her YouTube channel to see her videos. She has posted clips that show you how real and down to earth she really is. 

Enjoy! and remember, dance and sing as if no one is watching!