Bluefish is a brand that is popular in the United States but hasn’t quite made it’s fame up in Canada yet.  This hidden gem is so unique, it’s sure to make you stand out in your kickbox class.


BLUEFISH SPORTstrives to capture the color, passion and fit known by women around the world. The quality and durability is unsurpassed due to our guaranteed fabric and craftsmanship. Each garment is hand cut & sewn in order to provide the best quality control. All BLUEFISH SPORT styles are colorfast and extremely durable; therefore, BLUEFISH SPORT guarantees to keep its original shape while also absorbing excess moisture.


Heart Jacket ($112.95)

Check It Out Pant ($109.95)


Funky Jacket(Regular $109, Sale $29.95)

Rainbow Pant (Regular $99.00, Sale $49.99)