What is your favorite class?  Kickbox, yoga, spinning?  All are fantastic, but one of my favorite formats to teach is Bootcamp.  Instructor/Trainer Perspective: it gives you free range as to how you want to lay it out.  Participant/Client Perspective:  Time efficient for completing your cardio and weight training.  Here is a sample bootcamp class sure to elevate your heart rate, burn calories, increase stamina and make you sweat!

Complete all exercises as listed once through for 45 seconds.  Take a 2 minute break.  Repeat all exercises for a second set.   Try this program twice a week (with at least a day of rest) for 3 weeks and see the improvements in your cardio, strength and stamina.

1) Prisoner Squats
2) Mountain Climber
 3) Dumbbell Shoulder Press
4) Split Squats
5) Dumbbell Wide Row
6) Plank

7) Push-ups
8) Burpees

Notice anything missing?  Did you say no arm exercises?  You would be 100% correct.  Eliminating isolated biceps and triceps exercises will make your workouts very time efficient.  Plus, they are already being included with all upper body and stabilizing exercises.  Just because you are doing a wide row doesn’t mean you are solely working your upper back.  Since the arms are bending you are also involving the biceps.  The legs and core are also working to help keep you stabilized.  An exercise that you once thought worked one part of your body has now been proven to give you an entire body workout.