De-clutter your life.  Keeping everything that has ever come into your life make you a pack rat.  You will eventually run out of room to store anything and your space will look very messy.  The way that you live reflects your lifestyle so why not have a garage sale or donate it to a charity to give happiness to someone else.  Making your space look neat and tidy will give you stability and calmness in your own life; whether at work or at home.  Cleaning up a space and continually reducing the clutter will lead to a more organized daily timetable as it will give you the sense of responsibility and accountability for your own life.  If you are not meeting deadlines or are always late for appointments this could be a reflection of how you live.  Try writing out your daily tasks (office, house, life goals, etc) and see the difference it makes in keeping you calm and making you more time oriented.
Untangle that Mess

Unplug everything.  Label each cord.  Screw your power strip to the underside of your desk, or to the wall.  tie off excess cordage with bongo ties or cable ties.  Reattach your (wisely labeled) connector cords, gathering them as you go and bundling them with more ties or even carabiners to minimize tangle.  Now, don’t you feel better?