Dynamic Warm-Ups

A dynamic warm-up is moving in ways that would be functional for the workout ahead of you, whether you would be weight lifting or playing football.  Warm-ups have come a long way from walking on the treadmill or riding the bike.  Dynamic warm-ups will actually increase your heart rate faster than if you were to walk on the treadmill.  With this style of warm-up you will be syncing arm and leg movements to bring your joints through their range of motion to get you ready for your workout.  Here is an example of a dynamic warm-up that could be used with your athletic and your general population clients.

opposite arm and knee raise (10 each)
inchworms (2 lengths of room)
high knees (2 lengths of room)
jumping jacks clapping hands in front (10 each)
jumping jacks crossing arms and legs in front (10 each)
hip openings (bring bent knee back over ‘hurdle’) (10 each)
hip closings (bring bent knee forward over ‘hurdle’) (10 each)