Instead of Tweet Me Thursday’s, I decided that posting great tunes would be more beneficial.  As music is one of my first loves, I thought I would bring you my diverse playlist to drive to, workout to, dance to, etc.  A brief history of my music career (if you can call it that):

  • Started playing the Simpsons theme song by ear on my mini keyboard.  My parents’ immediately put me into piano lessons. 
  • Started taking lessons at the age of 9 and quit at the age of 15.
  • I made it to Grade 7 Royal Conservatory of Music.  Could’ve gone to Grade 8 to gain an extra credit in high school, but since I was taking music already, I decided to quit.  The music was getting a little too boring.  I wanted to play pop songs, but when enrolled in RCM, you have to play what’s in the books.
  • When I was in Grade 7 (age 12) I wanted to play the saxoophone.  My parents’ rented one for me and then purchased one once I took an interest.
  • My elementary school didn’t have a band so I took lessons and auditioned for the Concert Bands at Markville High School and Brother Andre.
  • I chose BA as I figured, if I was going to attend  there, I may as well get used to the conductors.
  • In Grade 7, I had the opportunity to attend an arts school in the city by audition only.  I got in for saxophone.  I only attended for Grade 8.
  • In grade 9 I went back to BA to begin high school.
  • From there, I took music every year and played in the concert band.  Band gave the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. and Chicago; both amazing cities!

Top 5 Songs to Workout To

  1. Taio Cruz-Dynomite
  2. Beastie Boys-Intergalactic
  3. Flo rida feat. David Guetta-Club Can’t Handle Me
  4. Fatboy Slim-Wonderful Night
  5. Kat De Luna feat. Akon-Push Push

*Click on song to listen