We all have busy lives and need to try and fit working out or activity into our daily routine.  Enough of making excuses!  If you could improve your life in 90 minutes a week, would you? That’s all it takes to get started with a workout routine.  But with a hectic business schedule and two kids at home, we understand how tough it can be to stick to even the most minimal fitness regime.  Try these 6 easy steps to fitting activity into your schedule.

 Set manageable goals

Realize that it takes time, dedication and patience to improve your fitness level. Make sure you start a new workout regime with activities you can realistically fit into your schedule. If you’re really pressed for time, start slowly by breaking down your 90 minutes of weekly fitness into 10-minute intervals.

Involve the entire family
When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to go it alone.  Cut back on the junk food you keep at home and involve your family in exercise activities. Turning fitness and nutrition into goals your whole family can share will help you stay on track while setting a good example for your kids.

Forget about weight loss
Sometimes we think exercise is just about weight loss, but you can see huge fitness gains beyond that.  In just a month of working out three times a week you will begin to see improvements in your mood, confidence and sleeping habits. Rather than focusing your workout on weight loss, which can be frustrating and difficult to maintain, consider exercising to be as important to your health routine as brushing your teeth.

Work out with your partner
Exercising with your significant other can be a great way to stay motivated and ensure that you both keep fitness in your schedules.  Try doing a DVD workout together on the weekends or take up a sport you both enjoy. Just remember to respect your partner’s fitness level—bickering and harsh judgments can sabotage your workout.

Rise and shine
If you find it difficult to make it to the gym after work, try doing a morning workout at home. Wake up a half-hour earlier to hit the treadmill or do a morning yoga practice before your busy day begins.

Create kid-friendly workout

Make a brisk walk with the stroller part of your daily routine. Or, invest in a jogger and take your little one along for a run.  If your kids are older, create scavenger hunts, bike rides, tag or any games they may enjoy.  Not only are you getting some fresh air but are creating a healthy environment for your children to grow up in.  Studies show that if a child has a routine filled with activity or sports, they are likely to stick with an active routine when they grow up.