Stress balls are one of the most effective stress relievers.  It’s similar to taking a boxing class.  Hitting or squeezing something helps you to relax because you are getting your aggression out on an object.  This doesn’t mean you are a violent person, however, saving your aggression for a ball or bag is a much more efficient way to de-stress.  Breathing techniques will go hand in hand with each of these methods.  If you can control your breathing, you will be able to mellow out a lot easier.  Inhale and exhale at an equal rate of 5 -10 seconds each making sure to fill your lungs on the inhalation and expelling all air out of your lungs on the exhalation.  Controlling stress is a daily task that all of us must practice.  

If you don’t have a stress ball, make one.  Grab a tennis ball and cut a hole out of it to allow for easier squeezing.  Let the tension build up in your hand and the rest of your body, then release.  This increases relaxation.  Repeat as many times as needed.  Not only will it help you de-stress, but it will also build your forearm muscles to keep your fingers and wrists stronger when typing for long periods of time.