We’ve all been stressed out at one time or another and everyone deals with it differently.  For some, emotions of anger, depression or anxiety may be present.  For others, actions such as not eating or consuming everything in sight may be true.  You first need to diagnose what personality trait you emit when stressed in order to come up with solutions to keep calm.  It’s easy for someone to tell you to calm down or take deep breaths, but sometimes we need more than that to truly make us feel relaxed.  Each Monday, I will present a new tip on how to beat stress on a day to day basis.

Working out is a key ingredient to keeping you relaxed for the entire day.  We don’t all have money to join a gym, but purchasing equipment for your home may be an easy solution.  Hiring a trainer to prescribe a workout to you every 3 weeks may also be an idea to make sure you are following a schedule and receiving benefits that will progress you in the direction of your goals.  Also, a trainer is not just someone that counts reps but is someone that you can trust and open up to.  Trainers are not meant to judge you, but to help you achieve goals and listen to issues you may be dealing with on a daily basis.  A tip from Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”  Exercising will keep you in a positive frame of mind all day.  Your happiness will emit to your co-workers and family members making your environment a more pleasant place to be in.  If your place of work has a gym, go in and sign up today.  Most corporate gyms are inexpensive or free, therefore giving you no excuse to use it.  After all, it’s only down a few floors and you probably pass by it every day.  Make today the day you step into the gym and familiarize yourself with a new you.