I thought I would have a little fun on Friday’s by bringing you some fashion tips as it’s very important to look good when you’re working out.  You don’t want to be going to the gym in ripped up t-shirts or shorts; you want to look presentable.  It’s like working at the office.  You wouldn’t show up with a torn pocket on your suit or slacks that are too big they are falling off of your hips.  The same is true for the gym.  What you wear creates a statement and identifies who you are.  If you’re looking sharp in the office but then when it’s time to hit the gym you dress in sloppy clothing, the image you are portraying is that you don’t know who you are or that you don’t care.  It may be very comfortable to wear the t-shirt you have had for 10 years, but what your showcasing, is that you’re stuck in the past and you don’t take care of yourself.  Image says a lot without you even having to speak.  

Every Friday will be devoted to fashion since it’s one of my loves.  I will showcase high end and low end lines to accommodate everyone’s budget.  There are so many great stores and fashion lines to choose from when it comes to fitness.  Hopefully, Fitness Fashion Friday’s will give you insight that there really are beautiful pieces (and name brand) at every price point.  Lululemon, does not have to be a staple in your wardrobe.

High End

Livestrong Pacer Women’s Running Shorts

The latest Nike Livestrong collection has just landed in Canada and features a wide range of fitness items for both men and women.  The Livestrong Pacer Women’s Running Shorts are ideal for hitting the pavement on hot summer days, thanks to their sweat-wicking “Dri-FIT” fabric, interior storage pocket and media-player pocket.  And as a bonus, you can feel good knowing that you’re wearing something that supports a great cause.  ($35, nike.com)

Adidas Stella McCartney Tennis Performance Tank

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has teamed up with Adidas to create a collection of stylish fitness wear for everyone from yogis to golfers.  The Adidas by Stella McCartney Tennis Performance Tank is ultra-feminine with its spaghetti straps, empire waist and gathered hem.  The neon-yellow tank is make of Climalite fabric, so you can look cool even while you’re working up a sweat. ($80, shopadidas.ca)

Low End

Puma No. 1 Women’s Tank

The Puma women’s boy tank is the perfect comfortable tank top for all your trips to the gym.  It’s crafted using a 100% cotton fabric that’s comfortable and breathable with contrast-colour topstitching along the collar, arms and hem for added style. ($26.99, sportcheck.ca)

Reebok Active “Curve” Colour-blocked Shorts

Reebok’s Active “Curve” Shorts are made with moisture-wicking play dry fabric.  These shorts sit just below the waist and are machine washable. ($30, sears.ca)